Ariana Pierce: How To Be An Instagram Influencer

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Since launching my company, Superstar Nail Lacquer, in 2008, social media has played a very important role in the overall success of my business. I remember sitting at my desk wanting to get the word out about my new brand, but after researching the cost of traditional paid advertisement, my bank account just didn’t agree. With a Twitter and Facebook account, I took to those two platforms to expand my reach, and through creative marketing was able to gain customers from around the world. Eventually adding Instagram to the marketing efforts, my company became a household name and gained the exposure needed to make it a success.

Nowadays, social media hasn’t just become the way of marketing, it’s the new resume. With over 3 billion social media users worldwide, according to Smart Insights, it’s safe to say that it’s here to stay. It’s become not only a platform for sharing birthdays and vacations, but is an integral part of growing a business and brand. No matter your career path, having a quality social media presence can make all the difference, and I’m going to share four easy ways to improve your ‘gram for success.

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Consistency matters:

Being consistent is one of the most important steps to growing and maintaining a successful account. Why? Because it helps your audience to like, know and trust you. Have you ever built a successful relationship in just one day? Probably not. The same goes for your social media. You have to nurture your audience by showing up often and building report.

Be engaging:

After consistency comes engagement. It’s important to respond to your audience when they speak. That can be done through replying to comments or DM’s. The more you respond to your audience, the more they feel connected to you and will become a part of your tribe. On the other hand, take time to comment on the pages of others so you’re sharing the love too. The more engaging you are on Instagram, the more you’ll be favored by that algorithm, which we all love so much. It’s not called SOCIAL MEDIA for nothing!

Find your voice:

Having an Instagram that stands out comes down to finding your niche and what you are really good at. I see a lot of Instagrammers make the mistake of trying to be like everyone else, which only leads to being lost in the crowd. If you want to shine bright, you are going to have to bring something unique that speaks to your audience. For example, there are thousands of fabulous fashion influencers on the scene and though I love fashion and beauty, I decided that I would incorporate millennial business mentorship into my brand messaging. It allowed me to bring something new and fresh to Instagram as I share tips to succeeding in a fashion-led business. This caused me to stand out while still doing what I love.

Create quality content:

Creating quality content is so important to improving your overall presence on Instagram. That may mean investing in a good camera phone, DSLR camera or photo shoot. The better your images and video content, the more professional you look. And your audience will take you more seriously as an expert in your field.

This guest post was authored by Ariana Pierce

Pierce launched her popular nail polish line as an 18-year old college student. With drive, ambition and awesome social media marketing skills, she made a name for her business and her brand. The Beauty guru currently runs Superstar Nail Lacquer and Style Shoppe.  Both product lines have adorned A-list celebrities for the Oscars.  They remain red carpet favorites from the Grammy’s to the Golden Globe awards.

 The ever-busy young entrepreneur is also a beauty and fashion influencer, as the editor of her popular fashion blog, Pierce is an accomplished brand ambassador working with several national brands on her blog. She is a proud member of the Vogue Influencer Network. She’s also a published author, sought-after motivational speaker, designer and business coach. As an authority on all things beauty, Ariana is often featured on major networks, websites and in magazines.  Pierce also travels around the nation and abroad.  She speaks at teen conferences with over 15,000 plus young aspiring business owners and leaders.

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