The Ultimate Guidebook: Choosing The Right Engagement Ring

buying an engagement ring

Before anything else, congratulations!

Finding love and recognizing that this other soul in front of you is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with is a magical thing that very few lucky ones get to experience. Now that you are taking your relationship journey into the next chapter, we want to also take this advice we have for you to a whole new level.

Looking for the perfect engagement ring is no easy task. For men and women alike, it is a task that is as much exciting as it is overwhelming. It is but a natural tendency for people in love to want to give their loved ones the best of everything. This fact is much more highlighted by the rings of promise—the wedding ring and the engagement ring.

You may have more or less heard of the 4Cs of engagement rings, namely clarity, cut, color and carat. Though it may seem like finding the right engagement ring is a daunting task, fear not because we have got you covered. Continue reading and take notes because you are in for a ride!

It’s All In The CUT

 As strange as it may sound, no, a diamond’s cut is not the shape of the diamond per se. It refers to the proportions and the way it was cut. As this is one of most critical factors in choosing what diamond you want, you need to make sure that the cut you choose suits the diamond well.

You can get the most expensive diamond there is but if the cut is not flattering, for sure the diamond is also adversely affected. It affects the brilliance of the diamond, more specifically the way light reflects and bounces off the stone.

In choosing the cut, consider going for the cut which emits the brightest reflections, not just internally but also externally. This gives the ring a more sophisticated and classic look. You can see more of what we are talking about here.

The CARAT Factor

 This is where the talk is no longer cheap and we are talking about carats. As we all know, almost all precious stones are sold and valued by the carat. Carat would refer to a unit of weight for precious stones and pearls, now equivalent to 200 milligrams.

Since diamonds are sold by the carat, the diamond’s price increases equivalently as its size becomes larger. This is because diamonds are rare, larger diamonds even rarer. So if you’re looking to save on cash, a large  carat stone is definitely not the one to look for.

 COLOR Her World

 Did you know that diamonds also come in different colors? Some of the rarest colors include diamonds with shades of blue, pink and yellow. However, having a tinge of yellow in a white diamond will decrease its value.

Pro Tip: If you are looking to save, you can opt for Grade G-J diamonds. Concentrate on the cut to improve its brilliance. Consider the round cut or other cuts that improve a diamond’s brilliance.

 The Stunning CLARITY

 The clarity of a diamond refers to the amount of “imperfections” and “birthmarks” inside or on its surface. These imperfections affect the brilliance of a diamond because they interfere with the reflective process in the stone.

 But fret not because these imperfections are not seen by the naked eye. They will need magnification to be seen. This factor affects the value and price of the diamond so it is important to take it into account when choosing an engagement ring.

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