9 Tips To Select The Perfect Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

If you are shopping for an engagement ring,  it can be overwhelming, but the process will be much easier if you follow our helpful tips below. 

Remember Her Style

Think about the jewelry she owns and which pieces make her eyes light up when shopping. Does she like yellow or white gold better? Does she have diamond rings already with a particular cut? 

When she isn’t around, take a look at her jewelry and use what you find to get a good idea of what she likes. 

Experts recommend you should select a wedding ring that represents her style because she’ll wear it forever and it will become part of her. 

Get Her Measurement

You must have her exact ring measurement; you don’t want to select a ring that is uncomfortable or cuts off her circulation! And imagine if the ring fell off – perish the thought. 

When trying on the engagement ring, it should be snug but still comfortable. If you don’t go shopping with her, you can both be sized in advance at a jewelry store. You might even buy the ring at the shop where she was measured, so they have all the information you need right there. 

Purchase A Certified Ring

It’s essential to purchase a ring with a certified gem from an accredited lab, such as the American Gem Society. 

Remember that if you buy a diamond certified from another laboratory, it may have an inflated grade. This can make you think you got a steal when you simply bought a low-quality diamond. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Haggle

Rings may be marked up more than necessary; there are reports that some engagement rings may be marked up 400% or more! This is well beyond a reasonable profit margin, so be ready to negotiate to get a fair price. 

Take The Engagement Ring With You 

When shopping for a wedding band, you may want to take her engagement ring with you. There isn’t a rule that says the engagement ring must match the wedding band exactly. But it’s smart to make sure they complement each other because they’ll typically be worn together. 

Don’t Shop Based On Trends

Engagement rings should be timeless – a symbol of love that is everlasting. This means you shouldn’t buy rings based on current trends because they change. It’s more important that the ring you choose matches her tastes than current fashion. 

The Diamond Doesn’t Need To Be Perfect

Diamond authorities tell us about color, cut clarity, and carat, but the diamond grade is only one part of making your ring decision. It isn’t necessary to have a flawless diamond for a ring to be beautiful. 

It may be better to look at the ring based on how you feel about it than what its GIA grading is. 

Size Isn’t Everything

Some people believe that having a huge diamond in an engagement ring is critical. But some in the jewelry trade have noticed there isn’t as much emphasis on having a big, flashy ring. 

Instead, people view an engagement ring as a reflection of the woman’s style. And this may mean intentionally avoiding a gaudy ring with a big diamond. 

These tips for choosing an engagement and wedding ring should help you make choices that she’ll love. 

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