Your Daughter’s First Apartment Gift Guide

job before you relocate

So, your baby isn’t a baby anymore – she’s gone and moved out of the house! It happened in the blink of an eye, and many times when you look at her, you still see her as five years old, holding a lunchbox and nervous about her first day of Kindergarten. But, try as we might, the years fly by, and now she’s heading out into the real world, alone. No matter her career choice, she’s likely nervous and thrilled about living in her own place, at the same time. 

Whether she’s working in an office or from home, you want to find the perfect gift to show her you’re proud of her and to help make her new home comfortable and cozy. You’ve taught her many life lessons, and hopefully, some of your healthier habits and style sense has rubbed off on her, but you may still be seeking guidance when it comes to what to give her. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the best presents for your daughter’s housewarming!

Make Her House a Home 

You remember what it was like when you were starting – the place you lived was likely austere, which is fine! But, you know your daughter, and this may not be her style. Choosing a gift that helps give her home that sense of cozy and comfort she’ll be missing away from you is a great idea. 

Karen Pearse Home Agate Coasters

Agate coasters may not be something she’s expecting, that’s for sure. But adults protect their furniture, and going high-end on coasters is a sign that her home is a mature one and she’s not using the free coasters from Outback Steakhouse or Buffalo Wildwings. These beautiful coasters are made from natural geodes and give her home an elevated look while sticking with raw materials. They are made from raw geodes; they vary in appearance, shape, and size, creating the perfect housewarming gift. 

Bamboo Toilet Paper Subscription from SeekBamboo

Living on your own is tough in the beginning. Juggling work and keeping your house tidy is hard enough as a young adult, so sometimes the little things fall by the wayside. Set her up for success with a bamboo toilet paper subscription. Not only will she appreciate the sustainability aspect of the bamboo, but she also won’t have to add it to her shopping list every couple of weeks. Bamboo TP is softer than traditional toilet paper, and it has zero harsh chemicals and bleach too. It’s a win/win for you and her!

Urpower 300ml Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

The New York Times, in their Wirecutter product reviews section, tested 17 diffusers before picking this one as their favorite. Why? Their team decided that the design looks better than others at this price point, it requires fewer refills than others at this price point, and it just does it job really well. Essential oils are a great way for young working professionals to counter the stress of their careers. And, while there is help for young working professionals who find less healthy ways to deal with their stress, it’s always better to try natural ways like aromatherapy.

Gifts For The Fashion Forward Daughters

Maybe your daughter is a budding fashionista, perhaps she even graduated from fashion school. Or, maybe it’s you that’s the sartorial one in the family and you’re looking to pass some of your smart style on to her. Whichever the case, it’s always nice to give (or receive) a luxurious gift like new jewelry, a designer handbag or high end perfume. Surprise her with something she may not likely splurge on for herself!

Interchangeable Purse from CALIN New York

First impressions are lasting, and while she’s clearly nailed the college experience, secured a job and is moving into her very own place. So, give her a leg up in her professional life when it comes to her wardrobe. A great option is an interchangeable purse that she can take from work to the evening plans she’ll have afterward. There’s also a good lesson in a bag like that, teaching her the importance of using what we own to its maximum potential and saving money in areas of importance. 

Perfume from FragranceX

One part of being an adult is grooming as a responsible and professional person does. A finishing touch to any grooming routine for many is perfume. While she may not yet know how to answer questions like “what does ylang ylang smell like?” But, you can help her learn by giving her a new signature scent. Perfumes that include this gorgeous scent include the infamous Chanel No. 5, which, let’s face it, looks mature on any dresser top. Now, as a parent, you may not want to acknowledge that ylang-ylang serves as an aphrodisiac. Still, its other benefits are reducing anxiety and mood-elevating – which we all want for our children. 

Covid-19 Prevention

No matter how old our children are, even when they are twenty five years old, they are still our children. And as parents we want to keep our children safe and healthy. Consider giving the following items to make sure your baby always has what they need to keep themselves in the best possible condition possible. 

Hand Sanitizer from SkinDfense

Your baby is all grown up! But she’s still your baby, and you want to make sure she’s keeping herself healthy. Consider giving her presents that ensure she stays safe and healthy. One way to give her the gift of “health” is a gift basket with items like supplements, hand sanitizer, and a first aid kit. She’ll likely overlook the need for a first aid kit while shopping for her place, but every home needs one, so make a little “care package” type gift basket with all the necessities to keep her safe. 

Covid-19 Test Kit from Everlywell

Whether your daughter needs an at home test because she is feeling under the weather, to take a flight home to see your or any other reason; you can have the peace of mind that she has the ability to test at home and with ease. Millions of people have tested themselves from the comfort of their own homes with EverlyWell’s Covid-19 kit. It comes with everything the user needs to test themselves and the instructions make it incredibly easy! Plus, you get the results quickly, between 24-48 hours which is much faster than many PCR tests done in clinics. So, send her a package with an at home Covid test, since you never know when the need may arise. 

Healthy Habits

Making sure our children (young and older) are living their healthiest lifestyle possible is one of the most important things to us as parents. It’s important to start instilling healthy choices as early as possible and making sure as our children are grown up and leaving the nest, they are taking care of themselves like adults need to. Instilling this responsibility isn’t always the easiest feat – so sending certain items as gifts or in care packages to her can serve as a gentle, loving reminder to keep up the good work. 

Women’s Health Screening Test by Hologic Women’s Health

Your daughter is a woman, and therefore she needs occasional screening for women’s health reasons. The great thing about these screening tests is they can also screen for cervical health issues as well as common bacterial infections. Sending her a package that includes a kit manufactured by Hologic Women’s Health can empower her to take control of her women’s health issues in the comfort of her own home. She’s likely to recommend them to friends as well after she sees how easy this is to do. 

Mineral Sunscreen by Clearstem Skincare

We all know that we need to be wearing SPF year round, even when we’re not going out under direct sunlight. Maybe you regret not taking care of your skin the way you should have and are now trying to turn back the damage done – like fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots and more. Give your daughter a head start by giving her SUNNYSIDE Brush-On Mineral Sunscreen that she can apply quickly and have protection, not to mention it controls oil if she has an oily skin type. This small sunscreen fits easily in your purse, car, even laptop case. It’s also packing some serious health punches including Zinc, Green Tea and Vitamin E. So, if your daughter is into healthy and sustainable ingredients as well as skin care, she’ll love this addition to her make up bag.