7 Best Career Choices for Recent College Graduates

best career choices

Students graduate every year with high hopes of getting their dream jobs. While this may apply for some, only a handful is lucky enough to be starting their career journey close to the top of the company ladder. Thus, graduates need to apply for entry-level jobs, which can act as stepping stones in their career paths. Your college degree is an indication of specialization in a particular field and puts you at a better position on the competition. However, the amount you will earn hugely depends on the role, service demand, and type of industry.  Making the best career choices will significantly affect your future income.

Due to the increasing cost of getting a higher education and high student loan, consider the income potential of your hard-earned degrees. Salary is a crucial factor that you need to consider when you are trying t match up your passions to career options. Below are some of the best paying majors that you can venture into and attain financial success.

Software Development

The world is experiencing rapid adoption and integration of technology into the everyday fabric of life. The personal computers, smartphones to security equipment leads to dire need and shortages of software developers. Writtle College ensures that computer students understand how to design test and maintain complex programs of a computer. You will learn about all the end-user needs, then translating them into codes and testing complex software projects. It is a field that guarantees career growth opportunities.

Market Research Analyst

Businesses and corporates have come to appreciate the crucial role that consumers play in their overall success. As a result, the market research analyst position exploded in every sector in all industries. Data gathering can occur in transactional databases, loyalty programs, and social media or by utilizing the customer relationship management system. If you are in the quantitative field like computer science, math, and statistic, then you have a solid foundation to becoming a data analyst

Accountants or Auditors

You need a degree in accountancy field to qualify for the entry-level position in this field. Degrees in related fields could also be eligible for the lower level financial positions like clerks or bookkeeping. You must be good at math and have economics skills for you to qualify.

Sales Representatives

Although the post has a bad reputation, it is an excellent way to crucial life skills that you will require in any career you want to pursue next. You will know how to deal with rejection, gain confidence, understand the difference between being pushy and persuasive, and attain deep listening skills. Virtually, every business needs a salesperson

Project Manager

They play the role of clearing bottlenecks and promote proper communication flow in all functional teams. It is their role to carry out risk management, provide stress resistance, and prudence. It is remote; thus, if you are seeking flexibility, the job will be suitable for you.

Technical Writing

It has a high demand. Their role is to write journal articles, instruction manuals, and any documents meant to explain complex and technical information in simpler terms.

Public relations Specialists

You will have the responsibility of creating and promoting a positive public image for the company they represent. You have the duty of crafting media releases and develop programs on social media, which will shape re public perception of your firm. You will also aim at increasing awareness of their products and missions

Your first job doesn’t have to be your dream job. You should seek connection at this point, focus on building your experience, meet new people, and learn as much as you can. Temporary employment is the best place to achieve this. The above career list should help you learn of the well-paying entry positions you can venture.