Things to Remember When Going for Last Minute Holidays


Finding a Last Minute Holiday

Make sure you shop around as there are some really good deals available. It is easy to find great last minute holidays to exciting destinations if you will just search the internet. It may be cheaper to book your flights and accommodation separately, and if you choose this option over booking a package holiday, remember you may not be protected by ATOL. If you are covered by ATOL, they are legally bound to provide a flight home if your airline goes bust.

Before You Book Your Holiday

Make sure your passport is not out of date, it’s very easy to go ahead and book your holiday and just assume your passport will be valid. Some destinations require a passport to be valid for a minimum of six months from the date you arrive. You can check particular countries requirements at the Foreign and Commonwealths official website. It’s also handy to keep a note of your passport number, just in case you lose it.

Luggage Allowance Limits

Don’t exceed your luggage allowance, if you do you could be held up at the check-in desk with suitcases to heavy, which could cost you a packet and get your holiday off to a bad start.

Foreign Currency

If you want to take currency with you, the most competitive rates can be found online. You could opt for a prepaid card, great for keeping within a budget, as you simply load a certain amount on to the card and away you go.

Travel Insurance

You also need travel insurance, this also covers lost or stolen luggage, flight delays and other medical costs. You can also search the internet for the best deals on travel insurance so that one of the China tours from the UK or London tours from China.

These are just some of the things to remember when going for your holidays. It would certainly be helpful if you will be prepared for anything and everything needed for your planned getaway.

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