Bird Cage Veils Are Soo Last Season-Get This Season’s Bridal Fashion Trends

Just like fashion trends come and go with our day to day wardrobes, the wedding season also has trends that come and go.  Take the bird cage veils; they were on every bride last year, this year it’s all about making a statement in other aspects of your bridal attire. 

We have this years bridal trends for your walk down the aisle.

Bridal Trend -The Back of the Dress

We have seen such an emphasis this season with making a statement with intricate lace work and beading on the back of dresses.  You can also make a statement with a simple backless dress or one with crisscrossed straps.



Bridal Trend- The Statement Necklace

Ladies, break out your favorite statement necklace because this is the “it” factor for the modern brides.

Brides are steering away from the traditional jewelry that we are used to seeing and stepping out in a big way with personality.  I must say, you need to make sure you are not overdoing your bridal style by accompanying a statement necklace with a dramatic dress.  These necklaces are best paired with a simple dress, with no other accessories.




Bridal Trend- Belts & Sashes

As much as you may think wearing a belt or a sash with embellishments is too much, it soo isn’t.  It is such a huge trend right now.  With so many options from doing an accent color to a decked out rhinestone belt, it is the perfect touch.  Most boutiques that you visit will have many different samples and can custom order the perfect accent piece for your dress.




Remember when browsing for you bridal attire, stick to things that are current and trending.  You can be a classic bride that is simple with traditional touches without looking like you got married a decade ago.


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Jenee Allan

Jenée Allan is a wedding Stylist & planner for Chicago’s busy brides at Visions Wedding Boutique. Jenee knows know first-hand what life can look like planning a wedding while managing a career. She is also a mother of five and a wife/ Every other Friday, enjoy tips, trends, and to-do’s for the busy Career driven Bride and a little here and there about home life.

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