Three Questions To Ask When Buying Your First Car

If you are among the many who conquer the commute, you may be thinking of making the big leap and buying yourself your first car.


While public transport has its own conveniences, investing in your own car is one goal that many people want to include as an early life accomplishment. Whether you are buying your very own car for the first time or upgrading your parent’s graduation gift, setting on the mission to buy your own vehicle can get pretty daunting.


APR, Downpayment, Car Financing – there is going to be a lot of terms and information that you have to be aware of and to ask yourself before you start marching to a dealership.


1. What’s the Budget – How much can you put into this car? How much money do you have? These are very important questions. Many people think that they can walk into a dealership and walk away with the car oftheir dreams because they have a bit of money, but people get denied car financing. Having low or poor credit can put a damper on your plans. There are companies that specialize in providing car finance for people with bad credit, but you really need to sit down with them and discuss your options.


2. What will I need it for?  Is it family car? Are you looking more for style or function? How many seats do you want in it? Making these considerations greatly affects your car buying decisions. Your needs can factor in the distances you’ll be travelling using the car, and even the specific preferences of your passengers.


3. Who can come with me? Once you have the financing and the model that you want to get down, you need to set out on a mission to buy this car with somebody you trust. Prices, contracts, all of these are presented in very inviting packages that it will be easy to make the leap. Try to bring a friend who had just gone through the challenge of researching successfully bought her own car. You can also take someone you know who is a car enthusiast or a mechanic – this is actually the wisest option. Even when you test drive a car, you might not see its flaws because of the excitement. Having an expert next to you can give you an unbiased opinion on it.

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