Three Reasons to Invest In Smart Home Technology 

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Smart home technology is no longer reserved for the super wealthy or those with exceptional computer skills. Recent advances have made it possible for the average homeowner to install and benefit from countless applications, from adjusting a thermostat to preventing a home invasion. If you’ve been wondering how smart home technology might improve your quality of life, just look at these three reasons to invest in smart home technology today.

A Smart Home Is a Safer Home

Smart home technology offers many functions that will improve the safety of both your home and family. Via an app on your mobile phone, you can receive alerts when a smoke detector goes off, your elderly grandmother leaves the house, or someone tries to pry open a window. You no longer have to worry if your middle-schooler made it home safely after school or if you forgot to lock the interior garage door. And, if you install smart appliances, you can even turn off the oven you left on after baking those special birthday-breakfast croissants.

Smart Homes Are More Economical to Operate

Let’s face it – energy is expensive. So, it stands to reason that anything that saves you energy will also save you money. One of the best ways to save money on energy is to install a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats differ from programmable models in a couple of important ways. First, they are Wi-Fi enabled. This affords you the advantage of remote control. Smart thermostats also collect your user data to learn your living temperature habits and adjust accordingly.

Transitioning from a traditional home to a smart home can be done all at once or in stages as your needs change and budget allows. You can start off slowly by installing smart light bulbs and work your way up to a stove top that won’t turn on unless there’s a metal pot on the burner.

In addition to the energy savings you’ll enjoy, some insurance companies offer discounted homeowner’s insurance premiums when specific smart home features are installed. You may even find that the resale value of your smart-home is greater than similar homes with traditional technologies.

Convenience Is Queen With Smart Home Technology

Imagine a life where feeding your puppy during your morning status meeting or preheating your oven on your way home from work is as easy as a few clicks on your mobile phone. You can enjoy this convenience and more with smart-home technology. In fact, you can turn out the kitchen lights, switch from the television to your favorite CD, and even make sure the kids are asleep in bed without having to get up off the sofa. As advances continue to be made in smart-home technology, the conveniences we enjoy will be limited only by our imaginations.

Whether you’re planning to build a new house from the ground up, or just looking to make a few upgrades to your childhood home, smart home technology should be a primary consideration. Few other home improvements can offer the same level of safety, convenience and return on investment.