Three Simple Well being Habits to Develop in 2015

Do you want to lose weight/ get fit this 2015? Maybe you want to be more productive at work? Whatever your resolution is, these three simple wellbeing habits will get you there!

I think the reason why most New Year’s Resolutions fail is because people tend to go big. Not that this is a bad thing, but it does seem to put on a lot of pressure on a person, and just eventually end up getting pushed at the back of your head. I’m not a fan of resolutions for this very reason –  I don’t like letting myself down.

So if you truly are on a road to a better you this year, stick to small and doable things that work up into a more general outcome. Fitness and wellness, for example, is a big and common resolution every year. Here are three very important and simple well being habits to develop in 2015.

1. Drink More Water

There must be a reason why you keep hearing this advice! Hydration is key to overall wellness and health. The funny thing is, the 6-8 glasses of water figure has been debunked, and it really is all about listening to your body. Drink as much as you can especially if you are a fit and active person. The best way to do this is to have a bottle of water on your desk throughout the day. It also helps to ask your office for possible installation of the latest kitchen gadget, the instant boiling water tap, which gives fresh hot and cold water at the touch of a button.

2. Walk

If you sit all day in the office, you have to make sure that you are able to walk before, after, and in between work hours. Sedentary lifestyles cause many illnesses, and if you are not able to really push yourself to go to the gym, at least push yourself to walk around. It also helps to stand at your desk instead of sitting down. This improves your circulation and posture.

3. Breathe

Conscious breathing and meditation is one way to clear your mind and reset your goals for the day. Breathing is an innate habit to us, yet we never really think of how much proper breathing affects our over all health. So when the day comes to a hectic turn, stand back and take deep breaths. We suggest you do it as instructed in this well-being advice.

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