Three Sisters, Three Different Styles

As a personal stylist at Nordstrom, critiquing fashion and styling outfits is what I love to do. So I asked Nicole Crimaldi Emerick (the founder of this very blog) and her two sisters, Jay and Ashley, to participate in a mini-styling session with me. Each person sent me a picture of an outfit that best described them.

Jay, 20.

Just by looking at this picture, you can probably tell that Jay is a natural born hippie and a free-spirited gal.

Jay is wearing a beautiful grey and black butterfly-sleeved dress which emphasizes and accentuates curves. She paired black moccasin fringe boots and a black fringe pouch with her ensemble. For girls who have smaller waists and bigger butts and thighs, fitted dresses like the one is Jay is wearing is much more flattering than a boxy or flowy dress.

Outfit Needs:

  • Color!!!! Do not be afraid to experiment with bright or pastel colors for the spring. Instead of the black fringe pouch, wear a red pouch for color or add neon pink bangles for flare.
  • Also, consider trading in your moccasin fringe boots or UGGS for combat boots. Mixing girly pieces with edgy shoes makes for a more fashionable look.

Next up is Nicole’s sister, Ashley Crimaldi, MCG’s Beauty columnist.

Ashley, 25.

Ashley is wearing a burgundy peplum top that contrasts her dark blue jeans. Everyone must have a peplum top or dress in their wardrobe for the summer! If you have curves, the peplum accentuates the waist and hides trouble spots. If you wish you had curves, the peplum top will give you an hourglass shape – a win-win for all body types! Ashley’s cheetah scarf adds a little spice to her casual look.

Outfit Needs:

  • Jewelry!!!! Do not be afraid to over-accessorize with bangles or earrings. Since the colors of Ashley’s outfit are dark, I would add gold or pearl jewelry. Jewelry is unique, not many people are going to share the same accessories as you so do not be afraid to stand out.
  • Peplum tops look great with pencil or mini-skirts. The flare of the peplum and the fitted skirts creates an hourglass shape and works as great for a night out.

Nicole, 28.

Nicole’s look is complete. She is creating what I like to call balance. She is wearing a flowy non-fitted navy blue top with dark blue skinny jeans. If you’re wearing a flowy piece on top, wear fitted bottoms to balance out the look. Nicole’s scarf draws in all the colors while breaking up the textures of her outfit. Her gold wedges are all the rage right now for spring and summer fashion. If you want to add something a little different to your look, pull out your 90’s-inspired shoes and pair them with skinny jeans for a casual look, or harem pants for a night out at the bar.

Outfit Needs:

  • Jewelry!! Whether it’s three or four gold bangles on one arm or gold hoop earrings, adding accessories is necessary for every outfit. Jewelry will always separate you from any other girl in the room.
  • Dare to be different.

If you need style advice or help coordinating an outfit, just email a picture to I will help you style your look!

Remember: look good and you will feel good. 

Raya Sacco

As a full-time college student, part-time salesperson, and writer for The DePaulia student newspaper, I knew that joining MCG as an editorial intern was the next step in pursuing my dream. I am currently a sophomore at DePaul University, studying journalism and marketing in hopes to reach my ultimate goal in fashion journalism. Growing up I knew that I wanted to write and I knew I needed to work in fashion to fulfill my purpose in life. So I thought to myself, writing... Fashion...and came up with, fashion journalist. So why not start now with MCG, to not only help me reach my goal but to help YOU "Style Your Life" as a career girl!