Three Tips To Build Your Self Confidence


A lack of confidence affects women of all ages and rarely is there ever a quick fix. Confidence is something that you need to build. You need to find fresh perspective, develop on meaningful relationships in your life and learn to accept your shortcomings. While this article won’t walk you through the whole process, it might give you an idea of how you can start to build your self-confidence:

Identify why you don’t feel confident

Is it only in certain situations when you don’t feel confident, or do you lack confidence all of the time? For some people, poor confidence is directly related to a flaw that they are embarrassed about. For example, a woman might be confident in every aspect of life but doesn’t feel confident enough to play sports because she is unfit. If you can clearly identify exactly what it is that damages your confidence then that might be something you can address. If it’s a lack of confidence concerned with a certain skill you could look into educating yourself and learning more about this skill.

Certain physical conditions and ailments can be embarrassing and affect your confidence, which is something that most doctors would be happy to address and help you overcome. For example, if you don’t feel confident revealing your legs in public because of varicose veins you could look into having varicose vein surgery in London and your confidence might improve as a result.

However, while these specific issues can be addressed, other issues can’t be gotten rid of as easily. If your lack of confidence interferes with your most aspects of your life and you can’t identify where it comes from, a different approach is needed. When a lack of confidence comes from low self-esteem, the challenge of improving your confidence is going to be that much more difficult.

Argue with your inner dialogue

For a lot of people, low self-esteem and poor confidence comes in the form of a nasty inner voice. This inner voice challenges your perception of reality and tells you that you aren’t good enough. While a lot of people tend to try and ignore these intrusive thoughts and push them at the back of their mind, the only way to get rid of them for good is to address them and work through them. So, when your inner voice starts to challenge your confidence you need to challenge it in turn.

For every negative thing it says to you, you need to find something positive to use to counteract it. For example, if your inner voice tells you that you aren’t good at your job you need to think back on times  when you excelled at what you do, times when you were praised, and why you were hired for the job in the first place. You shouldn’t allow other people to put you down and you definitely shouldn’t put yourself down.

Don’t back down from a challenge or a chance to prove yourself

When it comes to careers and professional achievement, a lot of women suffer from the unforgivable mistake of thinking that they aren’t good enough – that someone else could do a better job than them. This is evident in early education when studies found that, while many young boys will tackle a difficult question head on, most young girls will give up without trying due to the fear of failure.

When this behaviour is carried into the work place, it results in women taking a step back rather than pushing forward when a challenge comes their way and by doing this they miss out on the opportunity of proving their deprecating inner voice to be wrong. If you want to improve your confidence you first have to come to terms with the fact that there is a lot that you are capable of without being aware of it. To do this you need to take risks, face scary challenges and find out for yourself just how talented and intelligent you are. It will be frightening at first – maybe even overwhelming – and it won’t always end in success, but facing challenges is a necessary hurdle if you want to become a confident person.


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