The Unknown World Of Nursing

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Being a nurse is no easy task, and perhaps you already know that if you’ve been heading down this path for a long time. What you may not realise, until you’re in a nursing role for yourself, is just how hard it is on multiple levels; namely, that many people do not understand the level of skill, resolve and drive required to complete your job successfully and then start again each day.

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The world of nursing is unknown to anyone who has not experienced that world first hand. A cursory glance or a surface-level view of this specific breed of medical profession is insufficient, because there’s more to nursing than the tasks demanded of you at any given time. Every day is different and every specific job is different. No two nurses have the same career. If you want to know a little bit more about the unknown world of nursing and peek behind the curtain of mystery, then here are some facts which might give you a vague idea of just how taxing this industry can be.

Constant exhaustion.

When you’ve been sitting in the waiting room of a hospital for several hours, the impatience is likely to drive you insane. Whether you have some majorly wrong with you or not, waiting to have your mind put at ease about any form of ailment or worry can be a highly stressful and terrifying experience. It’s easy to lose patience with medical professionals at this point.  But you might want to cool your temper in the future.

Remember that nurses and doctors are people too. When services are overstretched, it isn’t the fault of individuals. Nurses in particular are exhausted all the time, and yet they have to put on a brave, bright and “highly awake” face for the sake of patients. It’s a draining profession.  Simply coming across a patient who is calm and respectful can be the difference between this person having an even tougher day or being offered a moment of welcome relief. If you’re considering entering the medical profession, it’s worth it, but you will be tired. That’s a simple fact of the job.

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There are far more types of nurse than you may realise.

Nurses aren’t just doctor’s assistants. They don’t simply walk around administering injections. There’s far more to the job than that. And there is far more variation in specific types of nurses than that.   Occupational nurses, for example, work within businesses rather than hospitals. There are many ways you can enter the health profession without even stepping foot into a hospital.  People need medical help and assistance in all manner of places.  Similarly, there various paths to becoming a nurse, from resident programs to a RN to BSN online program.

You could also enter the health and wellbeing world of nursing, if mental issues are an area in which you’ve always been interested. Nurses don’t always have to tend to physical issues, and they’re not merely “assistants” to more experienced individuals. You can become a highly skilled professional within numerous different industries, so there’s no need to limit yourself. You could look into an Accelerated BSN in order to get qualified as an undergraduate nurse.

Assessing reports and researching.

It isn’t only doctors who require a technical and specific knowledge of patients, along with research into current medical practices. Nurses require an education and skills in analysing medical data, so as to come to a verdict on patients. Nursing is a highly technical profession and far more difficult than we often realise.


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