Time For New Home Decor? Here’s Some Uncommon Ideas

I love it when I have guests who comment about the unique items I’ve found over the years that no one else has.  Some of them are found treasures from garage and estate sales.  Others I’ve found in little one-off shops in locations from eclectic shopping areas to off-the-beaten-track country stores.  And then I’ve found a few websites that specialize in uncommon items.  Which makes it easy to understand why one of my favorites calls themselves Uncommongoods.com. 

They’re pretty unique in ways other than just what they sell.  Because they focus on sustainability.  Handmade, recycled, and organic products, none of which contain leather, feathers, or fur.  So not only can you find some great decor for your home, but you’ll be supporting environmentally conscious commerce.

Here’s a peek at some of my favorites.

Home Decor

It’s my experience that it’s the unique pieces that everyone is attracted to.  Who wants to put a thermometer on their cocktail table?  I have one similar to this that never fails to garner attention.  Besides being practical, it’s fun and interesting.

When shopping for decor,  what works best is to just browse.  If I go with a mindset of a certain thing for a specific space, I often come up with nothing.  But if I simply wander around the shop or website I often find things that are perfect for that little space that’s just been waiting for something to come along to fill it.

Door Mats

Some years ago I received a door mat as a present that I’ve probably hung on to for a bit too long, because it’s now faded and a little more difficult to read.  But it’s always been a conversation starter so it’s going to be following me where ever I land.

UncommonGoods has a wide variety of doormats that not only welcome your guests but make a perfect statement about you and what matters in your life.  You can check out their collection here.

Uniques Candles

What self-respecting girl’s home is complete without candles?  And whether it’s a unique design or a yummy fragrance, there’s always a candle that can add just the right finishing touch to a room, shelf, or table.

Here’s just a sample of four from their collection.  My favorite? The wine cork candles.  How perfect is that?

What’s yours?  Pick one out along with some other new home decor items and make that same old space look fresh and new!



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