Creating Your Working Corner in Your Home

Home offices are becoming more popular these days. This is not just because some of us tend to bring the work home with us, but because technology is making it possible for people to work from home. Working from home is allowing people more flexibility and in many cases are more comfortable. If your home office is not set up properly though, this might cause chaos, stress and less productivity.

Many times, remote employees do not have that extra room for creating a functional office and then they have to opt for the kitchen. However, this does not have to be the case. If you can find one little corner in your home maybe under a staircase or a pitched roof, you can turn it into a great area for work with a small budget and a bit of imagination.

Find that space

Scan your home for any underutilized corner and use some creativity and a draft design and make it your working corner. Make sure you pick a room where you will the least get interrupted by the rest of the household, whether it is in the kitchen, living room or your bedroom. If possible try to find a corner near a window to ensure you get some natural light while doing work during the day. Places that you might not have thought of like under the stairs, stairway landing space or even a big wardrobe is possible to turn into a functional office space.

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Fold it up

The two essential needed for you to get the job done a desk and a chair of course. Once you have found the perfect little corner which you can get clear from clutter, a small fold up desk can get you set up in no time. Your office corner would not take up the room the whole day if the desk can simply fold up and away towards the wall when not used. Floating shelves can be set up above for storing stationary or even a laptop. Cabinets for storing files and gadgets can be mounted as well.

Free from clutter

Anything that does not belong in a working office has no place in your working corner. After you have cleared the workspace, it will look larger. Giving that specific corner a new layer of paint, maybe a color with some energy can make that corner feel new and clear again and would help boost your productivity.

Find the right light

If you find yourself in a small corner away from a window, then you probably need more lighting than that what the bulb of your ceilings has to offer. Choose a small lamp with a Halogen or LED light that provides a lot of light. If you do not have enough desk space, you can mount a light underneath your shelves or place it on top. It’s important that the light is sufficient and reaches the area where you do the work.

Find the time to clean

Don’t let your corner office get untidy with pens and papers laying around. Make time at the end of each week to file those articles or through away expired sticky notes. This way, when the new work week arrives, you have an organized working space with no distractions.

Turning a tight space into a working corner can be challenging, but it is possible. Simplicity is the key, and by making use of only the needed tools and furniture, you will function better. As time goes by, you would probably see what works and what does not and make small adjustment accordingly.

Home offices can be where you create them

Creating a workspace in a compact space has some extra challenges, but it is not impossible. You just need to keep things simple and eliminate as much as you can so that you are only working with just the basic furniture and tools to stay productive. No matter how small your little working corner is, find your space to work will help you with the creativity and production flow.

This guest post was authored by Matthew Smith.

Matthew Smith is a full-time writer and a content editor for sites in the housing niche on topics covering smart technology, sustainable solutions, construction and ergonomy.

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