Your Eyewear Is An Important Part of Your Fashion

polarized sunglasses

We all know that little things add up. Did you ever stop to think about how much time you spend shopping?  Whether you’re a binge shopper or a browser, the end result is the same.  Over the course of a year, women spend an average of about 150 hours shopping for clothes.  That’s the equivalent of six 24-hour shopping marathons.  Or almost four weeks of full time work.  Clearly, finding the right fashions is important to us!  But do you allot enough of that to finding the right eyewear?

Eyewear Is Part Of Your First Impression

Since our face is what others focus on first, especially our eyes, it makes sense to pick out eyewear that compliments your face and your outfit.  But having already invested so much time shopping for the right clothes and footwear, adding more to the shopping schedule can be a bit of a challenge.  That’s where a great site I found comes in.  Vision Direct has cleverly found a way to blend social media and shopping.  Now, when you see one of those images pop up on your Instagram feed, you can find out exactly where to get those awesome must-have sunglasses, or prescription glasses, in just a click.

So, when you see something like these LMNT Nicki’s (which is their private label), you’ll be able to get your own easily.

And don’t forget, while we all put more fashion thought into our sunglasses, prescription eyewear is also a part of your wardrobe.  Vision Direct has you covered there, too.  So if you fall in love with these Burberry’s, it’s the same easy process.

Tips On Choosing The Perfect Eyewear

Choosing the right eyewear can be as frustrating as finding the right pair of shoes.  What if you could shop by your personality? Or maybe what works for you is what your favorite celeb is wearing.  Done.  And AS IF that wasn’t enough, you can use a virtual try-on to see exactly how they’re going to look on you!

No matter what your favorite way to shop might be, or what brand you prefer, Vision Direct has it covered.  And since you can do it right from your computer, I’m thinking it’s a win on all accounts!


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