Maximising Your Instagram Reach: The Women Using Social Media To Forward Their Careers


In the modern world career success often stems from the click of a button; and nowhere is this truer than on the social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Whilst Facebook has pages which provide a clear model for businesses and individuals to post information and accrue likes, and Twitter has long been the favourite platform of politicians and opinionated celebrities, Instagram is still finding its feet as a tool for marketing oneself career-wise. Instagram is the platform where you can sell a visual version (or fabrication) of yourself.

Becoming not only tech but also camera savvy can result in thousands of followers tracking your every post, a job travelling around the globe and sponsors doling out the cash to have you feature their products. Whilst the young and rich luxuriate in flashing their millions on Instagram, it can also be a great platform for acquiring fans and marketing your own personal brand.

Here are some of the tech-savvy women using Instagram to further their own careers, as well as promoting a host of positive and inspiring messages. Whilst some tell more accessible stories, with more attainable goals, each exudes its own sense of empowerment.

The Photographer

Diana Markosian’s Instagram feed is a stunning mixture of shots from her journeys across the globe. The simplicity and beauty of many of the images bring out their poignancy, whilst Instagram makes them instantly accessible to her 100,000+ followers. Markosian is a Russian-American photographer, whose recent travels include Mexico and Haiti.

 The Actress/Model Turned Career Girl

Whilst you may recognise her from Fantastic Four, actress Jessica Alba is also successful business-woman. As founder of The Honest Company and Honest beauty, her Instagram feed is filled with a collection of glamorous photoshoots, inspirational quotes and ‘Honest moment’ clips which will inspire you to work hard and excel in your chosen career.

 The Career Girl With Interesting Hobbies

Alli Meade’s Instagram ‘old soul studio’ tells the story of her life as a 29-year-old firefighter. Her passion for welding and art, alongside her full-on career, comes across clearly in the pictures she posts. She says ‘My professional and art careers unite when I utilise my arc welding skills to create metal sculptures and furniture.’ Tackling issues of depression and her choices regarding alcohol on top of her creativity and career-based posts, this is a feed that is infinitely relatable and is not to be missed.

The Leader Empowering Other Women

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg uses her account to champion businesswomen and spread messages of positivity. Her book, Option B, charts a journey of progress and positivity after the death of her husband. As a single mum and hugely successful career women, Sandberg is one to watch!


 The Fashionista Mum  

San Francisco writer and stylist Amy Soderkind has one of the most beautiful, stylish blogs. Combining pictures of her children (which are not in-your-face, but strike the perfect tone) with art and fashion, these pictures make you wonder if there’s anything Soderkind can’t do. This Instagram feed reminds us of the importance of family, in amongst a demanding work schedule.

The New OBE

Having just received an OBE for her career in fashion, alongside being mum to one of the UK’s most followed families of the last few years, Victoria Beckham is the ideal candidate for inspiration. Whilst you may not catch a huge amount of smiles in her photographs, there’s a whole host of talent and style. And she hits the mark when it comes to selling herself through a combination of career-based posts and gorgeous fashion.


Alexandra Jane is the writer and editor of graduate career advice for Inspiring Interns, a graduate recruitment agency. Check out their website to see which internships and graduate jobs are currently available. 


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