Five Important Tips For Shopping Online

shopping online

Online shopping is dangerous territory. With all the best of fashion in one place, it is not difficult to lose time and money without moving away from your chair.

However, for many women who are busy and dealing with a full plate, it can be quite a lifesaver. After all, even when the time to make shopping trips is hard to come by, a little bit of retail therapy can ease the stress off of any career girl.

While it’s convenience can’t be denied, there are also some disadvantages. The perils of online shopping stretches beyond overspending and getting lost in clicking from page to page. A girl also needs to be wary of security issues, delayed or lost shipments, or even something as simple as bad quality and ill-fitting clothes. Trust me I have had the same problems too many times. Since the product can’t be tried on personally, buyer’s remorse is a common problem among online shoppers.

Here are five tips for a hassle-free online shopping spree!

1)   Have a Measuring Tape Ready

Shop with actual measurements. Knowing whether you are a S, M, or L is not enough. Most manufacturers have different size standards for their clothing, but will be able to provide a sizing chart to base your purchase on. Get a tape measure and write down the following: chest/bust, waist, hips, arm length and inseam. There is no universal sizing guide for clothing, and may vary based on designer or country. This guarantees you the most accurate buy. This is what I do when I am shopping online for clothes on  This also helps with accessories. The site should be able to say how long a necklace chain is or how big the pendant, bracelet, or an earring will be. This way you have a rough idea of how it looks in person.

2)     Manage Your Visual Expectations

The biggest problem with shopping online is not being able to hold the item and inspect it yourself. If you’re the type to be meticulous about a certain kind of seam or hemming, or if you’re looking for a particular shade of chartreuse, get off your butt and hunt for it in person! Computer monitors can show a picture of the item which slightly varies from the  actual color of the product, and basic editing can easily take out slight imperfections in an item. For most online shoppers, sending back an item for a slight miss in expectations is not worth the hassle. If you’re buying an item online, don’t expect it to be 100% identical to the pictures, so that if it comes pretty close, you can be happier.

3)     Shipping, Return, and Exchange Policies

The last item being said, check for return and exchange policies. Most reliable online shops will specify a time frame for returning the item. Understand under which circumstances you can get a refund. Also be clear on the process of shipments. Make sure you get a tracking number and that the seller has a reliable shipping company. It may cost a bit extra in some shops, but if they charge for shipping with a reliable company, it is best to go with that option. If you can’t find it, look for the terms and conditions (T&C) link at the bottom of the page, or call customer assistance. You can find better security in your purchase if you know what the terms of your items are.

Concerning shipping agents one must look for online sellers that consider reliable logistics service providers such as Fedex, TCS, Leopard, Yarui, etc. It allows you to relax knowing that you product is in safe hands.


4)    Safety First!

Digital currency exchange is the biggest source of apprehension towards online shopping. If you understand what a secure site is, you are most likely to feel more confident in purchasing items online. Only input your card details in renowned payment portals, and stick to familiar sites. Make sure that the webpage where you are putting your information in starts with “HTTPS” instead of just HTTP. Look for an icon of a locked padlock in the address bar or the bottom of the browser. These are indicators of a website with a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption, which is the minimum security requirement for a place asking for your information

5)    Be a Smart Shopper

Join shopper’s circles and forums online or look for a buyer’s protection stamp so you can get testimonies on the best sellers. Don’t just trust comments and reviews in the website itself. If you have your favorite online shops, subscribe to their newsletters so you are notified of the best deals and discounts.  Also, keep a record of your purchases! When buying stuff is as easy as clicking a red button that say’s “buy now”, trust me, it is hard not to go overboard, so be practical and smart!

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