Tips For Proper Dental Care During the Winter Months

proper dental care

Cold weather makes our immune system more vulnerable to infections. Nonetheless, the winter months mark the beginning of the holiday season filled with parties and family dinners. This causes us to consume sugary and unhealthy foods which deteriorate our oral health. Keeping such things in mind, we have compiled some tips on proper dental care that can help keep your teeth healthy once the mercury shoots down:

Regular Brushing and Flossing

Regular brushing and flossing are two important foundations of good dental hygiene. Ideally, you need to brush twice a day to fight infection-causing germs. Opting for soft bristles brush is always recommended as the hard ones might cause damage to your enamel. This dentist in Stockton CA also suggests flossing every night before going to sleep. People suffering from teeth sensitivities are advised to use specialized medicated toothpaste.

Stay Hydrated

We consume comparatively less water during the winter months. But this can reduce saliva production by causing dehydration. Saliva has an important role to play in warding off infection-causing bacteria and flushing away food deposits stuck between our teeth. This is why you should make it a point to drink ample water during the winter months to maintain the best of oral health.

Use Mouthwash

Just like your teeth, your gums also require special care during the winter months. Bacteria causing flu, cold, and viral fever can also lead to severe gum infections. You can keep yourself safe by regularly using an antibacterial mouthwash before bedtime. Redness and inflammation are the foremost signs of gum infection that shouldn’t be ignored. You need to immediately book a dentist’s appointment and avoid touching the infected region with your fingers.

Limit Sugars

Sugar turns our mouth more acidic and our teeth remain vulnerable for the following 30 minutes. You should avoid brushing your teeth over the next half an hour as your tooth enamel might wear away otherwise. However, if the degree of tooth decay reaches up to the pulp, then you can avail of a root canal procedure from a professional dentist.  If you can’t refrain from consuming sugar, then make it a point to consume your daily quota of sugary snacks at once. It is also better to consume sugary snacks during mealtime rather than at other times of the day.

Limit Acidic Foods

Acidic food and beverages like tangerines, tomatoes, grapes, oranges, cherries, soda, cranberries, etc. should be avoided as they tend to soften our enamel and make our teeth more vulnerable to decay.

Stay Warm

While stepping out during the winter months, you should use winter scarves to keep your face and neck warm. This is extremely helpful in keeping your gums and teeth protected when the weather gets chilly outside. Alternatively, you can get yourself a mouthguard that serves the dual purpose of acting as a shield against cold and preventing dental injuries which can arise from daily activities.

Final Words

Following these simple tips can bring down chances of dental ailments during the winter months. But if you face any oral problem, then you should seek out the assistance of a dental expert at the earliest rather than waiting and letting the problem deteriorate. Getting regular checkups can also help with an early diagnosis of dental trouble so that it doesn’t take up a bigger shape.