8 Best Gifts for Someone Who Just Landed a New Job

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Landing a new job is challenging, with many people spending months on the job search, application, and interview process before getting a positive result. On average, the process takes anywhere from three to six months. For some people, it might have been a longer journey to this moment. Show your loved one you understand how hard they worked to get this new position with the perfect gift. Whether you want to spoil them or share in the celebrations, there’s something here for everyone in these gifts. 

Luxury Watch 

When someone special to you lands a new job, you’ll want to help them celebrate in style. Express your love and excitement with the gift of a luxury timepiece. Luxury watches are often seen as a status symbol and can be the confidence boost everyone needs when entering a new workplace. Prestigious luxury watch brands like Patek Philippe perfectly combine sophistication and fashion-forward style to let your loved one make a good first impression. 

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An 18K rose gold watch with a cream dial and brown leather bracelet is a great choice for the woman in your life who is driven and self-assured. For the man who is taking the next step in his career and values self-expression, a black leather bracelet and silver dial set in 18K white gold with sapphires is guaranteed to communicate his ambition and potential for success.

Stylish Work Tote 

Everyone starting a new job wants to make a positive first impression, so your appearance on the first day matters. You can enhance any outfit with the right accessories like a chic pair of shoes and a stylish work bag. Give the gift of a high-quality, durable tote to take to work on their first day. Make sure it matches their personal style so they can use it to express themselves while also appearing organized and professional. The best work totes come in neutral tones like black, gray, brown, or white to coordinate with any outfit. Choose a model with lots of smaller pockets for storing a mobile phone, wallet, keys, pens, and USBs. A designated laptop pocket is an excellent organizational feature if the bag is large enough. 

Insulated Coffee Mug 

America runs on coffee, with the average person consuming just over three cups of coffee per day. Most people enjoy starting the day with a cup of joe, especially as a pick-me-up on an early morning commute to the office. An insulated travel tumbler for their morning beverage is a great gift idea for someone who just landed a new job. 

Make sure you’re choosing a high-quality tumbler that keeps the coffee hot well into the first hour of work and has a closed lid to avoid spills in the car or on the train. Yeti tumblers are a great example of a good travel mug’s features. A double-walled stainless steel interior with a magnetic sliding lid keeps your liquids warm and contained. If the mug has any plastic components, ensure they’re BPA-free. 

Laptop Case

Depending on the type of job the new hire in your life has landed, a laptop case might be the perfect way to say congratulations. Protecting your valuables is essential when traveling back and forth from home to the office. Caring for your laptop is especially important because it holds all your work and personal information and allows you to access communication channels like email and videoconferencing software. A hardshell case is a fun way to add a pop of color or a unique design to a laptop while providing protection against damage if the computer is dropped or bumped. 

Spotify Premium 

A new job often comes with a long commute, which is why giving the gift of a Spotify Premium membership is always so well received. With a Spotify plan, your loved one can stream unlimited music and podcasts to keep them entertained on the go. If they have limited cellular data, they can also download the content they want to listen to before leaving home and enjoy it offline. You can go all-out and pay for the full year of membership or, if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, buy Spotify premium gift cards for one or two-month membership value. 

A Dried Bouquet 

A bouquet is the go-to congratulatory gift, but they don’t last long. Give the newly employed person in your life a more permanent piece of decor with a stunning dried bouquet instead. A perfect preserved flower arrangement requires no watering or sunlight, so the recipient can place it on their office desk even if they don’t have a large window nearby. Invest in a cute ceramic vase so that this thoughtful present can brighten up their workspace. 

Office Stationery 

Part of the fun of starting a new job is settling into your new workspace. Be a part of the process by giving the gift of stationery to your friend or family member who is starting a new position. Memo pads, sticky notes, agendas, and day planners are helpful tools that make staying organized enjoyable and simple. If they have a fairly common name, it’s a cute idea to choose stationery with their first name printed on it. Or select themed paper products featuring images related to their field of work or a header in their favorite color. 

A Tea Subscription Box 

At the end of a long first day, people starting a new job will appreciate something relaxing to come home to. Give the gift of a tea subscription box for a soothing evening gift they can enjoy year-round. Companies like BlendBee and Atlas Tea Club offer monthly deliveries of various tea collections for a reasonable rate. You can start your loved one off with a three-month subscription box for just $60

Celebrate in Style 

Landing a new job is an enormous accomplishment, so you’ll want your gift to match the occasion. To tell a friend or family member you’re proud of them and want to share in their excitement, give a thoughtful present they can enjoy either on their commute, while at the office, or when they come home from their first day on the job.