You Should Go On Retreat: Here’s Why!


Every now and then, we need to take a moment and just – inhale, exhale, relax – and we don’t often get the chance to do it. Life is busy and it doesn’t matter where you are in your life, you’re going to find life to be a busy thing to do. Being overwhelmed by all the things that you have on your plate is totally normal and you wouldn’t be alone in your stress and worry. You deserve to relax and feel like you’re getting somewhere in your life but sometimes you need to remove yourself from the fast lane and take a slower pace. It’s not always easy to do that, however, not when you are so used to moving quickly. It can feel foreign to slow down and just rest, but rest you must if you want to get to old age without adding a heart attack to the mix.

When you feel rejuvenated after a vacation, you feel like you can make the promise that you won’t fall into bad habits again. The problem is that a vacation is usually once a year. Some people take a vacation and never do again because of the cost and the time it takes to save for one. You need a time out, a break and a way to stop yourself from becoming overwhelmed and whether that’s a time spent at Colorado rehab retreat to get well or it’s at a spa retreat. Either way, you need time with yourself, with experts and with enough help to make sure that you will feel well again. Your mental health depends on it and if you take the time to look after your mental health, you’ll be thanking yourself! Here’s why you should book yourself some time away.

You get to have time alone.

Getting time to yourself and your thoughts without kids, friends, work, family – you name it, you can list it – is so precious. There are moments when you really need to have your own time that isn’t caught up with other people. You need the time without the pressure, the problems and the push to do for others instead of for yourself. Retreats and rehab retreats can teach you how to get okay with being in your own head. 

You’ll find some clarity.

A retreat out of the city you’re in can really give you some clarity of who you are, what you want and what you stand for. The right retreat doesn’t just help you to get that perfect pose in Yoga or your perfect poem written if you are on a writers retreat. It can help you to conquer addiction, get some therapy, and take some time to pamper yourself. That clarity that you gain by being away from your daily life is something else. 

Experiencing new cultures.

If you are going abroad or to another city, you can soak up other cultures and experience food and drinks that are rich in ways that you’re not used to. There are retreats worldwide and you can find yourself in some of the prettiest destinations. You can then get acquainted with new people. And be a new person in a new place. You won’t always be the same person and you won’t be able to go back the same person either, not when you heal your mind and travel a little for your mental health.

You can disconnect.

Sometimes, you need to let go of all the stressors of your life and disconnect to be able to reconnect. It’s going back to go forward and you need to see if you can do that for your own mental health. The chance to bond with yourself is one of the best reasons to go and take yourself out of the equation of your usual fast paced life. Going solo on a trip is nice sometimes, and while you’d usually go away with friends and family, taking yourself for some alone time can change the way that you feel about who you are. You give yourself space and time to think, to change, to get help if you need it and to just be for yourself for once. It makes a big difference to go away alone sometimes. It’s a way to refresh your mind without distraction. Some people go away to rehab and make sure that they are out of their comfort zones and around the things that trigger them the most. It’s this that can make so much sense even if you’re not going away because of rehab!

Getting the best help.

Some retreats offer professional therapists, dieticians and specialists to help you with whatever issues you’re having and it’s this help that can be truly invaluable to you when you just want to rest. Sometimes you can get into your own head and learn about yourself with their help. This allows you to get back to your home with a little more clarity and understanding about who you are, and it’s something you need. It’s okay to ask for help and it’s not okay that you’re not okay! You deserve to BE okay – so ask for help. 

Get back into nature.

Did you notice that most retreats and getaways happen to be by the ocean or in the forests? That’s because getting back to Mother Nature can be such a peaceful thing for those who need some help. You might be having some trouble in life, and if that’s the case for you, then the best thing that you can do is get back to those basics and feel good again. A retreat can refresh you and invigorate you, make you feel grounded and give you something to focus on that doesn’t involve all of the other stressors in life. Taking the time to get into nature while you’re there is just a smart thing to do for your future and it gives you the courage and confidence to go out and grab your life back with both hands again.