Tips on Dyeing Your Hair at Home

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Not everybody has time to go to the hair salon, far less sit in a stylist’s chair for two to three hours with their hair dyed. Since box color isn’t always a choice, knowing how to dye hair at home correctly is critical. Learning how and when to dye your hair at home is one of the most difficult and rewarding tasks you can do. There’s a reason salon visits are so pricey, as anybody who’s done it knows. Dyeing your own hair necessitates agility, experience, and a clear understanding of science. We have some tips for you to try while dyeing your hair at home.

Research on Color

Do not just apply color to your hair without knowing the formula and shade. Always ask your colorist to suggest to you a hair shade which would suit your face. It’s usually safe to dye your hair at home as long as you strictly adhere to the device’s instructions. Before you go to the drugstore and buy a box dye kit, think of your end result as well as the state of your hair.

Do not mix the shades for a custom color

Combining several different colors of hair color is not suggested (ever!) unless you’re an expert. None of the big firms we contacted would promise that the color mix would be predictable. And when sticking to a similar color, the end product normally differs slightly from what’s on the packaging.

Always buy two boxes

Using two boxes in the same color if your hair is longer than your shoulders or shoulder-length and very coarse. Simply blend the dyes in a glass or plastic cup; a metal bowl may allow the dye to oxidize and alter the color.

Prepare your Hair first

Since dirty hair loses the slippery conditioner that newly cleaned locks have, color looks best on it. It’s normally fine to color 24 to 48 hours after your last shower. Color sticks on the strands and penetrates smoother, resulting in more consistent effects. If you are in a hurry, you can also dye your wet hair. I often begin by combing your hair into your normal shape. You’ll be able to fine-tune the color on top before going on to the hair under the first coat. To get more information, you can always have a look at Sample Hime. They have answers to your beauty-related queries.

Don’t skip the strand test

The strand test is important, particularly when trying a new shade, and it’s tempting to skip it. Before you commit, color a few clipped or concealed hairs and examine the results. Hair that became orange and purple was a typical scary story from testers who didn’t do this! When you’ve dried your strand, have a look at it to see if you like the color. Are the outcomes too subtle, necessitating more processing time? If that’s the case, add 5 to 10 minutes to the process because certain people’s hair takes color quicker than others. Continue if you are satisfied with the results of the exam. If you don’t like it, thank the lucky stars you didn’t have to use your whole brain.

Protect your skin

Nothing is more embarrassing than seeing paint lines across the forehead. Instead of using a goopy salve to shield your face from dye, use a transparent, strong lip balm to glide over your hairline and around your neck, before adding Polish.