Keeping Remote Working Employees On Task

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Keeping your employees on task should not be a problem for any business owner, but unfortunately, it is increasingly becoming an issue. The majority of remotely working employees work hard every day despite the challenges working from home might present, such as distractions and being in the utterly wrong mindset to sit in front of a laptop for eight or more hours straight. 

However, one employee always seems not to understand the ‘working’ part of ‘working from home.’ This can be frustrating for yourself and your other employees who have to pick up the slack and do their work if they do not do it correctly. 

With that in mind, here are some ways to combat these issues and help out your other remote working employees. 

Why you should hold a meeting in the morning, and a meeting at the end of the day

You should hold a meeting at the beginning of the workday to make sure everyone is aware of their tasks and make sure none of them are still in bed or meandering around their kitchen cooking breakfast on company time.

You need to make sure they are all ready to start their work, and if not, give reasonable or understandable reasons as to why not. Working from home should be treated in the same manner as working in an office: excessive lateness should not be tolerated, especially as new they no longer have their commute. 

You should also hold meetings in the evening as a sign-off point. Review what’s happened during the day, congratulate those that are doing a great job, and keep morale high. This meeting is also an excellent opportunity to review what’s happening in the following few days and make sure everyone is keeping up with the workload. On top of this, it also stops your employees from overworking themselves, by working into their evening. 

Why you should use project management software to keep everyone on track

Project management software can be a great tool to use. It helps track employees’ progress throughout the day and keeps your employees organized. This strategy can be a great motivator, especially if you have employees that struggle to get into the right mindset for working.

Using Gantt charts can boost your employees’ working morale and create a feeling of interdependency and teamwork that is sometimes hard to achieve while your team is working remotely. On top of that, Gantt Chart Software isn’t massively expensive, so it should prove to be a cost-effective solution. 

Final thoughts

To conclude, by setting up appropriately timed meetings and using project management software, you can help all of your employees stay on task and do their part, no matter their work ethic. It can be hard to keep your employees in check, but you can make working far better for everybody in your taskforce by using the correct materials and methods.