10 Signs of Spiritual Growth a Busy Girl Should Be Aware Of

spiritual growth

Everyone knows what physical fitness looks like, and everyone knows when someone is more mature than they used to be. However, spiritual growth might be a little more difficult to see in others or even in yourself. Spiritual growth can be an elusive thing to spot because it entails becoming a different soul. In other words, it involves the evolution of the soul, which is primarily manifest in your outlook in life and your inner peace of mind.


Spiritual growth results in an inner calmness because you are much more attuned to the people around you and the universe within which everyone exists. Being attuned can also be thought of as being connected, and recognizing a connectivity between everything often results in a calmness that helps you deal with uncertainty or unpleasant surprises.

Health relating from a merging of body and mind

Another aspect of spiritual growth is the connectivity between one’s body and mind. For instance, as you grow spiritually, you will learn or emotionally realize that your mind is part of your body and that your body is a natural extension of your mind. As such, people who are on a path of spiritual growth often begin living healthier lives by eating better and becoming more active.

11:11 meaning

Being able to see the signs around you of a larger reality is one of the most amazing aspects of spiritual growth. For instance, you might start seeing patterns of 11:11. The meaning of 11:11 has to do with taking action and recognizing that something more comprehensive in the universe is working toward your betterment.

Open mind

People undergoing spiritual growth do not have closed minds. As such, they are able to accept things that might seem confusing to other people.

Broad perspective

A broad perspective is different from an open mind. What it represents is similar to interconnectedness in that it will help people plan for larger events and purposes. With a broad perspective, people are able to undertake actions toward goals that they might not attain within a few years or even a decade. However, they understand that after deciding to pursue a goal that they have to trust in their interconnectedness with other people and other aspects of the universe. In doing so, they quietly understand that they will reach their goal eventually even if they cannot quite see the path to the goal.


Spiritual growth always involves empathy, which is one person’s partial ability to emotionally understand someone else’s problems or situation. With empathy also comes action, and people might in some small or large way undertake an action that might make someone else’s life a little better.


Spiritual growth always leads to including others into the world, into society, and into your life. It never leads to excluding people or making their lives more isolated or difficult.

A guide

Many people on the path toward spiritual enlightenment will have a guide, such as a natural empath or even a psychic. Many people do not understand that a psychic is an entertaining type of seer able to interpret synchronous events. However, someone who is gradually growing in a spiritual way will often consult with a psychic because the words that he or she speaks will make an impact within the brain, and the resulting thoughts can be both entertaining and fortuitous.


Someone who is growing spiritually will begin to experience so-called coincidental events. These events might have to do with goals you set or things you have thought, and they always are signs that your pattern-detecting mind is becoming aware of a greater interconnectivity within the universe. In terms of all the signs, synchrony is apparent at the first stages of growth and can be particularly exciting and illuminating.

A sense of efficacy

With spiritual growth comes a sense of being able to act or control things. Although you will never be able to control everything, you will be able to act on the things within your small world and create change. Acquiring a sense of efficacy can be an empowering realization that creates an ongoing cycle of productivity and positive change.

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