Tips to Bring Your Email Game Up to Speed

email productivity

One of the most tedious office tasks involves email. You have to respond to them, compose them, read them, create email campaigns, mail merge, and so much more, which is part of many people’s lives.

If you are the kind of woman who wants to stand out from the crowd and get noticed, you may want to consider the following tips. They will help you step up your email game.

Tracking Plugin

One thing you should definitely consider doing is installing an email tracking plugin. There are a number of them, some of which are free while others are not, so it is up to you, but having a plugin that can help you see when recipients have opened your emails is incredibly useful. At this point, you get to see which of your emails generate more engagement and which ones are ignored. This kind of information can help you create emails that recipients are more likely to open.

Clever Title Usage

The plugin mentioned earlier should help you see which titles engage with people the most. At the moment, many people are looking for emails with clever titles, but deciding what is clever and what isn’t is a little difficult. Those who have already started using clever titles can use the tracking plugin to help you hone your craft. Always think outside the box; consider funny, sarcastic, dark, edgy, or surprising titles to help generate engagement.

Using Email Templates

You should also consider spicing up the inside of your email, and this can be done using an email template. There are several companies out there that can help you create responsive email templates with cool, crisp images that should help email recipients engage with the content of the email. One company that does this for you is Stripo where you can make your own or use some of the templates already made that can be found in the site’s library. The point is to try to make the information scannable, engaging, and unique enough to keep your readers absorbing the information you send in the email.

Do’s and Don’ts

When responding to emails, you have to do so in an effective way. The things you have to keep in mind when responding is that you should always try to be direct and positive. This is a little hard to explain, so try to use the following as a guide to help you understand what you should be doing when you respond and what you shouldn’t:

  • Say that you are thankful for a person’s patience instead of apologizing for the delay if your email is ever late.
  • When you are trying to schedule something, it is better to state the exact time that works for you, instead of asking what time works best for the recipient.
  • If someone tries to thank you, don’t say something like “no worries.” Instead, say something like “always happy to help.”
  • Ask for the recipient to ask if he or she has any questions instead of asking if the response made sense if you are responding to a concern.
  • If you made an error, do not own up to it but rather thank the sender for helping you correct an issue he or she saw.
  • When you need an update, ask when to expect that update rather than saying something like “just checking in” which could be perceived negatively.

Hopefully, some these examples help you see how you can respond and communicate through emails a little more effectively.

Proofread Those Emails

Some people overlook how important grammar and spelling is when writing emails. You need to make sure your emails are checked professionally before you send them off because readers do pay attention. Now, no one is saying you can’t add a little slang from time to time if your brand requires it, but make sure these choice words are highlighted somehow so that your readers know you were just being cheeky or fun by using a word incorrectly. There are some programs that can help proofread your work, but you can always just hire a professional though a professional proofreader is going to cost you more.

These points should make it easier for you to step up your email game. Some of these suggestions are going to take some time to implement, but they should help produce the kind of results you want.

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