Best Tips to Land a Dream Job During the Holidays

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Executive job seekers looking to find jobs during the holidays are often under the mistaken impression it’s fruitless to apply. The excuses run rampant as to why not to look including no one is hiring, and everyone is off work, but the truth is the opposite is true.  The holiday season is the perfect time to land great jobs. Between business positions needing to be filled and extra money in the company budget for the year, there are plenty of reasons companies are hiring new staff at this time. The key is to know how to use the season to your advantage.  These tips on doing a holiday season job search should help.

Networking – Do It Right and Watch the Holiday Magic Happen 

The holiday season means you will more than likely be attending more events. And often times these are fun events that aren’t as formal as the business socials throughout the year. But it’s important to go with a goal in mind for best results. You want to be strategic and plan well.

Always Do Your Homework and Determine If It Is In Your Best Interest to Attend – Time is precious, especially during the holidays, so choose wisely and don’t spread yourself too thin. Figure out who will be attending to evaluate how it can fulfill your personal or professional goals. Make sure attending serves a purpose for you.

Gravitate Towards the Positive People –

It’s best to steer clear of those not sharing the holiday spirit. It is important to stay positive during the holidays and if you end up at the event with someone complaining about Aunt Jane’s Christmas Brunch and having no money for gifts, the cheer goes right out the door. Mingle with the winners and have some fun while doing so.

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Always Arrive at Your Events Early – The main reason is that it’s so much easier to start and keep in a conversation with the early crowd. It can be a challenge to enter conversations already started if you are late.  Plus, you will build connections with those you meet early on and they will be more forthcoming in introducing you to others, who might just be your next employer.

Networking Personally is Great, But Also Use Your Phone – Each day call someone you haven’t talked to in a while and just see how things are going. Then let the conversation gravitate to what you are up to and often that is you are looking for a job.

Follow Up After The Event –

If you enjoyed meeting someone, email them saying so. Be sure to include something you discussed so they can remember who you are. Or you can call them asking to meet for coffee over the next few weeks. This is how positive relationships start.

No Events on the Horizon – Then Start Your Own – 

Why not orchestrate your own event. As it’s your event you get to control how it runs, how long it is, and naturally what you hope to accomplish with it.  Just be sure to not go overboard and make it more of a stress-filled mistake.

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Consider Working with Third Party Recruiters – 

Third party recruiters often need to fill up remaining positions for their clients by December 31st to get their commissions. That means they have a little extra motivation to get you in the door and get you hired as soon as possible. A win/win for sure.

Think Outside of the U.S. –

Keep in mind that every culture may not celebrate a holiday during the holidays. If you are looking for an international job, then the holidays are a great time to continue looking.

Update Your Brand – 

Get new headshots, maybe a new Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn header, etc.  By updating now it might catch the attention of the perfect employer.  Plus you go into the New Year feeling more confident. In addition to these images, also update the wording in your profiles.  You might see just how out-of-date these are.

Do not stop looking for work simply because you ‘heard’ it is slow. Capitalize on what the season offers job seekers. Make the most of the lower volumes of candidates applying and the increased amount of social opportunities the season provides.

This guest post was authored by Lisa Rangel

Lisa Rangel, Founder and Managing Director of Chameleon Resumes (a Forbes Top 100 Career Website), is a Certified Professional Resume Writer, Job Landing Consultant & 13-year Recruiter. Lisa is also a paid moderator for LinkedIn’s Premium Career Group, which has 1,300,000+ members. Chameleon Resumes reviews the goals of each client to ensure career documents serve their goals while meeting the needs of the prospective employers.

She has been featured in Fortune, Inc., CNN Business, Fast Company, Business Insider, Forbes, LinkedIn, CNBC, Time Money, BBC, Newsweek, Crain’s New York, Chicago Tribune, eFinancialCareers, CIO Magazine, Monster, US News & World Report, Good Morning America, Fox Business News, New York Post, and other reputable media outlets. Rangel has authored 16 career resources including her recent Get Hired During the Holidays Booklet.

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