The Perfect Tips to Get An Ideal Job

There it is – there’s that deflating feeling as another rejection email pings your inbox. You’ve applied to over a 100 jobs, watched what feels like a billion hours of afternoon telly, reworked your CV in countless ways, but still no one wants to hire you. Is this becoming nothing more than a fool’s errand?

Indeed, it’s easy to feel like you’ll never get the job you want, and keeping yourself motivated can be a difficult feat if you’re receiving an endless screed of rejections every other day.

But there are a ton of ways that you can improve your prospects, so clamber off that settee, take a deep breath and see if these tips will help you gain your dream position.

Get an agency involved

If you’re sitting alone all day, desperately trying to think of a new angle to find a job, then you’ll probably hit a brick wall at some point. It’s pretty difficult to come up with new options when you feel like you’re never going to come up trumps again.

That’s where you get an employment agency involved. Agencies, Michael Page being a perfect example, will take your CV, find you a good match for the employment opportunity you deserve.

More than this, a decent agency will provide loads of tips and interview techniques to bolster your chances of employment.

Make your hobbies count

Everyone has a favourite hobby or pastime, but if you love nothing more than sitting in your pants, eating Tangy Cheese Doritos and ploughing through box sets of Game of Thrones, you probably won’t want to share it with any potential employers.

Try to find a few hobbies that are relevant to the job you’re looking for or, otherwise, make you look like an active and industrious individual. That way, you can slip a few of these hobbies into your interview to make you look like the go-getting sort who isn’t on a 24-hour cycle of laziness.

Get a list of contacts

You’ve got the right websites sorted, an agency to help you and a barrelful of hobbies to push your positive attributes on an employer. But have you got a friend on the inside to help you out?

By building up a list of contacts in your businesses of choice, you’ll increase the likelihood of making it into your dream industry.

With the advances in social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter, collecting a decent list of contacts has been made easier than ever before. More than this, these people could potentially post job opportunities on their sites before anyone else can get their hands on them, putting you ahead of the queue.

So, reach out to these industry bright sparks and you might just find yourself consigning your afternoon TV viewing habits to a past better forgotten.

Ms. Career Girl

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