Tis the Season: Three Key Reminders to Gracious Giving

As we shop for and wrap up gifts to put under the tree, keep in mind these three key reminders to gracious giving.

Gift-giving is a big reason for people’s excitement over Christmas, and this excitement makes it easy to lose track of what the gesture is all about. Instead of putting a lot of cash into a gift what about putting heart into it? Here are three key reminders for gracious giving over the Christmas season.

Give Without Expectation

I’m sure a lot of us are guilty of feeling disappointed over giving a gift and not getting something in return. After all, you’ve gone through all the trouble to show your appreciation for someone, and you simply hope for it to be reciprocated. What we have to remember when this disappointment kicks in is that gift giving is a sign of gratitude and show of thoughtfulness, not an investment. To avoid this disappointment you have two options: give wholeheartedly in the spirit of showing love, or don’t give at all.

Give Without Gloating

While an expensive gift really is a great thing to receive and to give, the price of your gift is always secondary to the thought. Make sure that what you are giving is suited to someone’s personality and needs. Also, stay humble when thanked for your gift.

Give to those in Need

As Christmas comes closer, consider spreading Christmas cheer where it is needed most. Many families are in dire need of something to smile about. It is great that helping those less fortunate can be done without leaving your seat. However, instead of helping one time, why not commit to it starting this coming Holiday season. Make the commitment to share your blessings all year round, or better yet, find out how you can volunteer with UNICEF. Gracious giving is not about giving out of guilt or pity. Gracious giving is about making it a part of your life wholeheartedly, and understanding that giving goes beyond material offerings. Volunteer work is the best way to do this.

This season, don’t get lost in the hype of flashy TV commercials and buzz of frantic shopping centres. Remind yourself that what ever you do or give this season, it means nothing if not done from the heart. Happy Holidays!

Ms. Career Girl

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