Top 3 Things to Pack for Warm Weather Travel

My friend has asked me what to pack for her upcoming trip to Asia, so I thought I should share my top 3 must pack picks to everyone.

I think people don’t put as much thought into packing for warmer countries from a colder one as they do when they are doing it the other way around. It’s common misconception that packing for warm weather travel should be easier, especially since clothes are lighter and smaller. However, if you are not careful you will still have the same problems of overpacking, underpacking, or completely packing the wrong thing.

Let’s keep it direct to the point. What are my top 3 must-pack picks to a tropical country?

Lightweight and Performance Clothing

Heat tech clothing is not just for cold climates. What a lot of people don’t realize is that a regular T-shirt bought in a colder country can be too warm for a tropical one. You’ll need moisture wicking fabrics and light material. Specialized clothes may not be cheap, but they can be very comfortable and stylish. Some can also be re-used in any case you are stuck in an island with no laundry services. You don’t have to bring too many swimsuits, they are much cheaper there and will have more variety.

Affordable Sunglasses

There’s a saying: don’t travel with something you don’t want to lose. Find a pair of reliable sunglasses that can take the sun’s rays but you can also say goodbye to. You know, in case it falls off the boat or gets lost in the sand. Good sunglasses like [amazon template=product&asin=B004SOA3ZG] are expensive in tropical countries. Think demand and supply. Buy affordable ones before you head out to a tropical country.

Summer Footwear

When it comes to summer footwear, you have to invest in a little bit more. There is nothing more annoying than breaking your flipflops while walking on hot sand. If you also get the wrong one you can end up getting blisters on your skin. It has to be sturdy and well-built, but light and comfortable. You don’t have to go for the standard flat flipflop, there are some stylish flipflops with arch support. If you don’t want to show your feet then you can choose some light boatshoes or espadrilles.

There you go, these are the three main things to pack when heading to a tropical country. IF you were to pick your top 3, what would they be? Let us know below!

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