Nutrisystem Vs Weight watchers

Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers are diet plans that have been around for quite some time, offering meal plans and guidelines at an affordable price to people who need to lose weight. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, but both do assist individuals with achieving the overall goal of losing weight and of leading a healthy lifestyle. This article will shed some light on the widely debated topic of Nutrisystem Vs Weight Watchers, expounding  on some of the advantages and disadvantages of Nutrisystem.

Nutrisystem offers pre-packed meal plans

Nutrisystem has organized diet programs and has already picked out the meal choices for the consumers. The food is delivered to the dieter at their doorstep. Nutrisystem contains different diet plans for differing needs of people. Their food does not require refrigeration and therefore an individual does not have to worry about the freshness or quality of the food.

Weight Watchers, on the other hand, allows an individual complete freedom in their food choices, monitoring a dieter’s intake through points. A dieter has a daily points limit, and therefore an individual can plan out their meals based on the points value allocated to different foods. Nutrisystem’s prepacked meal plans are  an advantage since they ease the work of an individual by bringing the meals to them. These meals also enable a dieter to stick strictly to the diet plan and thus achieving an overall greater goal of losing more weight.

Nutrisystem pays attention to the special needs of people

Nutrisystem delivers the meals directly to your doorstep, which makes it a very easy, convenient and efficient diet plan to use. Moreover, the quality of the food is not compromised. They also have different meal plans for specific needs such as for vegetarians and diabetic people, as well as plans for men or for the elderly. There are various diet plans to choose from, which makes Nutrisystem a convenient plan that caters for everyone’s needs.

Nutrisystem is more expensive

Nutrisystem, unlike Weight Watchers, offers a diet plan and delivers the actual food to an individual, which will consist of meals, snacks, and desserts, tailor-made to meet various needs, including people that have diabetes. Weight Watchers, however, offers a guideline to your meal choices based on various factors such as age, gender, and occupation. This thus makes Nutrisystem a more expensive diet plan as compared to Weight Watchers, which is cheaper.

Weight watchers have weekly meetings

This diet plan incorporates weekly meetings into the program in which the dieters can meet up and share their experiences. The meetings are led by a group leader in the Weight Watcher’s program and provides a forum in which dieters can discuss their various achievements or setbacks of the week. The meetings are an avenue in which fellow dieters encourage each other using their different experiences, coupled with moral support and guidance from the Weight Watchers group leader. Nutrisystem does not have such a forum, which is a disadvantage for the program since such meetings go a long way in helping individuals to achieve their weight loss goals.