Change: How Embracing It Can Make All The Difference

Whether we like it or not, change is an inevitable part of life. It can be so many things: messy, overwhelming, scary and exciting. Despite how we feel going into a change, we know that it makes us stronger as individuals in the end.

That’s why Herbal Essences is inspiring women, myself included, to embrace change and celebrate the different aspects of it. All types of people –musicians, dancers, corporate professionals, students, and hair stylists (like myself!) – can relate to the power of change and how it acts a driving force for both internal and external transformations we experience in life.

I’ve only been working with Herbal Essences as their celebrity stylist for a couple of weeks now, but when they showed me this video, I knew that we were going to be a perfect team. This video shows real women, with real experiences and who are passionate about their hair. I could relate.

Last year when my husband was going through some health complications, I felt helpless, weak and very afraid. I needed to take care of him and of my family, go to work and pay bills, meanwhile creating an atmosphere of positivity through it all… that’s what moms do. But it was hard! It was easier to just continue to feel sad about my situation.

I needed a change though – I needed to transform.

I couldn’t control my husband’s health or diagnosis, but I could control my experience through it all. I had to keep reminding myself that in order to keep the wheels turning at home and with my relationship.

That’s when I entered the bathroom with a pair of scissors, went up to the mirror and cut my hair. I gave myself the bangs I’ve always dreamed of having. It was cinematic.

Creating that change, doing something I’ve always wanted to do, but could never bring myself to do out of complacency, put me back in the driver’s seat and gave me a small dose of confidence to change my mindset. First step was my hair, next was my life.

I can’t explain why it felt so momentous, it’s just hair right?! But the truth is, hair is a major tool in a woman’s arsenal. Herbal Essences conducted an international survey of women ages 18 – 35 which revealed that the majority of American (87%) and British (80%) women have made significant changes to their appearance after a big life change, and that one-third of women (US: 33%, UK: 36%) believe it would be hard to change their lifestyle without also changing their hair. My change in hair helped keep my feet on the ground at a time when all I wanted to do was float away. We got through it though.

Life is short, do the things that make you feel something meaningful. Like the women from the video, take control of your mentality and who you are as an individual. Detach from things that hold you back or put you in a box. Embrace your hair, embrace your life and embrace changes.

This guest post was authored by Bridget Brager, celebrity stylist

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