Top 5 Careers that Awaken Your Creativity

Some people find great satisfaction in office jobs. They have a daily routine that rarely leaves space for any surprises, and they get regular payments that pay the bills. Some people, on the other hand, don’t want to tame their creativity. They aim towards careers that enable them to explore their true personality. Of course, money is still important, so you need to discover a productive career that would fit your skills and interests.

After in-depth analysis of the current situation on the labor market, the professional resume writers from crafted a list of top 5 careers that will awaken your creativity and pay the bills at the same time. Check out this list and consider shifting your careers to the direction that suits your personality.

  1. Video Game Designer

Can you think of anything more creative than video games? This industry offers endless opportunities for experimenting and exploring new perspectives. The median salary for this profession is $58,408 in the USA, but the best designers earn over $100,000 per year.

This profession demands a blend of artistic and programming skills. A degree related to art design or programming will certainly help you get a job in this industry, but the employers value experience and talent above all. If you’re a great illustrator, but you don’t possess any programming skills, you can still get a position as a designer in the video game industry. Designers develop the concepts, whereas the execution is delegated to the programmers.

  1. Marketing Specialist

Some commercials have the power to leave you speechless. You probably assume that the marketing specialists involved in those projects earn a lot of money, and you’re right. The median annual salary for marketing specialists in the US is $46,451. Marketing is all about thinking outside the box. If you possess skills in photography, videography and graphic design, a career in advertising may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Education is important if you want to be noticed by employers. Almost every university offers marketing programs, so you should certainly consider getting a degree if you have ambitions to enter this job market.

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  1. Web Designer

The Internet has determined the pace of our society’s development. The economy depends upon its growth, and it’s safe to say that web designers play a huge role in the overall picture. Web design is a highly-creative profession that opens great opportunities for talented individuals. The competition on the market is tough, but the never-ending demand will enable you to land good jobs and gain experience in a short period of time.

A degree program in web design will certainly help you get the needed expertise. The technology is constantly getting better, so you’ll have to keep learning as you make progress. The median salary for web designers in the USA is $45,912.

  1. Videographer

Videography is the art or process of making films. To people who don’t know what this profession is all about, the tasks of operating film or video camera equipment may seem uncreative. However, once you realize that each videographer has unique style and huge influence over the final appearance of the project, you’ll start seeing things differently.

Videographers use high-tech equipment and tools for filming and editing videos and films. That means you’ll need specific tools to handle the cameras and use editing software. You can start your own media company when you gain enough knowledge and experience in videography, but you can also work for a big company. The median salary for this profession is $41,229.

  1. Graphic Design Specialist

Graphic design drives the contemporary world. It’s involved in every single business, so your prospects for career growth will be outstanding. The median salary for graphic designers is $40,592. The process of designing logos, clothing, packaging, and visual content is a great creative outlet. This profession challenges you to think of something no one has ever presented.

If you decide to start up a graphic design company, you’ll encounter endless opportunities for creative projects. If, on the other hand, you prefer working for a big company, it would be wise to get a degree in graphic design.

Traditional education taught you to tame your creativity, but it’s time to unleash the adventurous side of your personality and grasp the opportunities of the contemporary market. There are tons of creative professions that enable you to gain good income. The above-listed career options are a small part of the opportunities you can explore. Start making decisions and get the needed training with no delay!

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