Top 5 Cheap Eats in Sydney

We all love to go out for a good meal. We especially love a good bite to eat after we have put away a few drinks under our belt, but in Sydney, finding a bite to eat that is not going to send you bust can sometimes be half the battle.  While we don’t like to compromise taste for cost, we are sometimes left with only a few  coins in our pocket at the end of a night.

With an array of fine dining eateries scattered all over the city with awe inspiring menus that are sure to be a foodie’s heaven, we are often in want of a budget friendly menu that will send our tongues wagging and mouths watering for more.  Your prayers have been answered and some of Sydney’s tastiest and cheapest food joints have been uncovered.

Here are 5 cheap eats in Sydney, easy on the wallet and friendly to your taste buds:

  1. Frankies, Sydney CBD

Frankie’s in Sydney surely has to be your first stop when you are looking to save on cash but splurge on those extra calories.  Pizza by the slice with option after option, you cannot go wrong with a slice pie for only $6.00 at this joint.

frankies in Sydney

You are sure to make Frankie’s your first stop every time after you experience everything they offer, not only serving amazing pizza, they have live music every night and are open until 3:00 am 7 nights a week.  Frankie’s also has beer, wine and cider on offer, meaning you can end your night with a slice of pizza and a red, or you can make Frankie’s the ultimate cheap date spot! Worried you may over extend your welcome as there is just too much to love about this place?  All staff are trained in responsible service of alcohol and will ensure you enjoy yourself just the right amount to keep you coming back for more.

  1. Chubby Girl’s Bunz Shop, Ultimo

Need to get your fill on good ole’ classic pork buns? Look no further than Chubby Girl’s Bunz Shop located in Ultimo. Just a short stroll through Darling Harbour and you are on your way towards a good meal for an even better price.  The perfect way to end your night, you can get pork buns here for only a $1.50! Yes, that’s right, only a $1.50! This is better than the Maccas dollar menu and sure to taste better too!  If you’re not into buns they have handmade dumplings and noodles available as well within the cheapskate budget. While the place itself may not be much to look at with only sitting room for a handful of people, Chubby Girl’s Bunz Shop is definitely the place to stop.


  1. Harry Café de Wheels, Sydney

If you are true blue Aussie then you love nothing more than a dirty street pie after a night out.  Who does it best than Harry Café de Wheels, better and cheaper, operating since 1930 offering Sydney siders the ultimate night life meal. For only $6.00 you can get any combination pie your heart desires. Only a few dollars more to add mash or mushy peas on top, a pie will surely keep those hunger pains at bay while leaving some money in your wallet for tomorrow.

harrys cafe Sydney

Harry Café de Wheels is also open until 12:00 am in the city off George Street and until a surprising 3:00 am off Cowper Wharf Roadway in Woolloomooloo leaving you plenty of time to enjoy your night before ending it with a beef and curry pie.

  1. Sushi Rio, Haymarket

Sushi is always a great option, especially if you are on the go. Need somewhere to stop in quickly or only have a few coins in your wallet, then head into Sushi Rio in Haymarket and get your fill as most plates are only $3.00.  Always busy and always churning out delicious fresh sushi, this place is sure to satisfy your hunger.  If you after your classics Sushi Rio has them from grilled salmon nigari to hand rolls, however, if you are feeling a little, and just a little adventurous then try the Hamburg Nigiri, basically your favourite hamburger turn sushi, a little burger patty on rice.

  1. Soda Factory, Surry Hills

Last but not, the ultimate cheap eatery, the Soda Factory, takes the cake with $1.00 hot dogs on Tuesdays. This bar and diner located in Surry Hills has everything you could want in a cheap meal and then some. However, if you are not there to experience the ultimate cheap meal on a Tuesday their other menu options will not disappoint.  But you will shell out a few more bills to enjoy the classic American diner meals on offer.

soda factory sydney cheap eats in sydney

Open on Monday-Thursday until late and Friday, Saturday and Sunday until 3:00 am you can enjoy a good meal out and a beer or two! However, it is their ice cream floats that you will really want to try. They taste so good you may just forget your consuming alcohol. All servers will be well versed in RSA Sydney standards and are sure to remind you should you enjoy a float too many, but who can blame you with the likes of the Bourbon and Vanilla Cheery Coke Float!

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Emma Bellucci is the staff writer at Express Online Training, Australia’s leading online trainer for certificates in hospitality. Emma specialises in insights and tips for some of Australia’s favourite tourist destinations. If you are looking to work in hospitality in Sydney you can get started with your training with a special offer, RSA NSW Offer $95 save 35%.  The RSA qualification (SITHFAB201 – Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol) can be completed online or by correspondence by Express Online Training (Course RTO 40592)

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