Top Five Tips for Memory Training

Memory training can be done at any age, but better started as soon as you can.  Are you training your brain well?

According to a website that provides essay writing formats, remembering and recollection of the memory is an active process and therefore making the best out of the memory involves paying attention, proper planning, and organization. Here are five tips and strategies that can be of help in training the memory.

Associating the Memory to the Environment

The environment in which the activity is happening can act as a good place to recall and visualize giving a clue to the mind. For example, a joke that has been learned in the presence of a particular smell, the smell can always act as a clue to the joke.

Learning something new before going to bed

The most efficient way to consolidate and strengthen the memory is to revise information just before going to bed. Once asleep few interfering memories are present and, therefore, it will be easy to remember the information the following morning. Getting adequate sleep is also paramount as it as it ensures there is no accumulation of beta amyloid a substance that clogs the brain.

Aerobic Exercises

Research shows that aerobic exercises improve the cognitive function of the brain enhancing memory. General exercises promote the growth of new brain cells responsible for memory and learning. According to [amazon template=product&asin=1572242582], physical activity and good health can increase your memory retention.

 Forgetting about Alcohol and Embracing Diet

Stay healthy. Mind what you eat and drink. Alcohol has a detrimental effect on the memory as well as concentration on given information. The more an individual drinks, the more he or she is capable of losing the memory. A healthy diet without a lot of high-calorie intakes improves the cognitive ability. A half glass of wine every day has been found to improve cognitive abilities of the brain due to the presence of micronutrients called flavoids that help in memory keeping.

Mouthing out Loud and Doodling

Particular information that an individual intends to remember is better when said out aloud. It will help in recalling as it is also the easiest way to remember. Doodling also helps in the improvement of memories. It includes drawings, sketches, pictures and scribbles. Doodling does not tax the mind enabling an individual concentrate on the task ahead. Walking out in the nature or looking at nature pictures also helps the memory as compared to just walking out on the streets.

Keep this advice in mind and make sure to apply them to your daily life to keep your brain and memory sharp! Do you know of any other tips on memory training? Share it with us @mscareergirl! 

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