Twitter Number Signs

Anyone who has had a conversation about Twitter may have seen or heard illustrations like this:


What does that # mean?  Well the #, or pound sign, symbol in the Twitter world is known as a hashtag.  Putting this hashtag in front of a consecutive string of letters allows you to use that word or phrase as a category in a Twitter search.  So you can do a search for “#tablets” on Twitter and every person who has tweeted and referenced “#tablets” in their tweet will show up in the search results.

You can also save that search within Twitter so that if it is a topic you want to follow, you can reach it easier. This comes in handy when searching for news on particular topics, jobs or following along with a live event.

What are some of your favorite hashtags to follow?

P.S. My two favorites are #entrepreneur and #technology.

Jessica Williams

Jessica is a Proposal/Marketing Coordinator at a technology consulting company. She also started a blog last year - Tech Biz Gurl. - that focuses on entrepreneurship, technology and women. She loves helping young women navigate through all the latest toys and gadgets in technology for their careers and for fun!

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