Unconventional Nursing Jobs You Haven’t Heard Of

Nursing is a much-in-demand profession. The sector is expected to grow by 15% in the United States by 2026, which is much higher than the national average for other careers. As healthcare itself becomes more in-demand, more and more nurses will be required in the coming years, so there has never been a better time to get into nursing. While you have probably heard of typical nursing positions like a pediatric nurse, a critical care nurse, and a midwife, it might surprise you to learn there are various unconventional nursing jobs available. Here are some you might like to consider.

Travel Nurse

Many facilities cannot keep up with the increased demand for healthcare, which is why there’s a need for traveling nurses.  A travel nurse goes from one facility to another across the country to fill staff shortages in places where they’re needed the most. Assignments typically range from thirteen to twenty-six weeks and are open to a wide range of different nurses. With each new location, you get to explore a new area, face fresh challenges, and meet new people. There are many other benefits too. Your schedule is flexible, you can be compensated well, and you’ll typically gain further perks and incentives.  What’s more, you can now expand your skillset on the go by attending courses in life-saving skills like PALS for example, and step up the career ladder no matter where you are.

Travel nurses usually work as independent contractors. You can start your journey as a traveling nurse by contacting an agency for travel nurses that specializes in finding nursing assignments and negotiating pay and benefits.

Camp Nurse

If you would like to work in an open-air environment with people engaging in fun activities, consider becoming a camp nurse. There are lots of different types of camps that employ nurses, such as camps for youths, adults with mental disorders, and adults with cancer. Camps typically specialize in specific activities too, such as camping in the wilderness, canoeing, or horse riding. If you’re looking to get away from the clinical and sterile setting of a health facility and you enjoy being in the great outdoors, start exploring the various options available for camp nurses.

Yacht Nurse

Looking for something more glamorous? Then consider working as a nurse aboard a luxury yacht. Guests expect the first-class service on chartered luxury yachts, and that includes providing on-demand medical care. However, many nurses who work on yachts also help out with other duties while onboard and you will probably be living in very cramped accommodation. But on the other hand, the good money you can make and the experiences you can have on the open sea more than make up for the drawbacks.

Health Policy Nurse

If you have been working in nursing for some time and want to get away from working with patients at a clinical level, you could work in health policy. The healthcare system in the United States is becoming progressively more complicated, which means there is a need for nurses to work in areas in which they can influence public policies, such as making healthcare more affordable and accessible. Nurses working in health policy areas work for organizations like research firms, government offices, and healthcare facilities. But to become a health policy nurse, you will typically need to hold an advanced degree.

Medical Script Consultant

This sector may be more difficult to get into, but it can certainly be an exciting and rewarding career. Television shows and movies that have scenes in hospitals or dialogue about medical practices require healthcare professionals as consultants. It would be your job to ensure the production uses the right vocabulary, medical equipment, procedures, and so on. It can be challenging to get your foot in the door as a consultant for a television show or movie, but if you do, you can enjoy a glamorous and lucrative career.