Warning: Evolution Ahead

A few nights ago  Srinivas Rao, Matt Cheuvront and I recorded a podcast for BlogcastFM.  The last interview I did with Srini was 6 months ago.

Srini has always been a loyal reader, commenter and guest poster of Ms. Career Girl from the very beginning.  He noticed that “Ms. Career Girl” had evolved since we last spoke.  This led the three of us into a very real conversation about the evolution of blogs and brands.

We agreed that a blogger’s true voice and personality starts to emerge over time.  I know this is true for me.  The times I’ve fought my true personality are when my writing is bland, absent or like a text book.

Just like a new business, job, or relationship, sometimes you start out thinking it’s one thing, and it evolves into another over time.

But the beauty of a great brand is that its core values always remain the same.

When Srini asked me what I’ve been up to in the last six months, I told him that it had been a time of serious self discovery. It has also been a time to “get real” with myself and face my real career goals.  I’ve considered “where I am, where I’m going, and where I want to be.” I was not on a path which would lead me to where I want to be.

I’ve been writing this blog for a year and a half now.  Over the last several months, I’ve been so concerned with everyone else’s career that I forgot about my own. Therefore, I hope you understand why the focus of this blog is going to shift away from job search advice and resume tips and move towards “marketing to the millennial maven.” Most of the people who are reading this very post represent the persona of the millennial maven anyways. I like to call this persona (or consumer group) “Ms. Career Girl.”

Ms. Career Girl is a spunky and complex one.  She’s different than the female consumer groups of times past.  She values work life balance and she probably wants to start her own business.  I have not forgotten about this.  I plan on being a resource to those of you who want to pursue this path.

I believe that living in the present is extremley important.

If I were to keep writing career advice articles only because that’s what I did in the past, that would not be fair to my present or my future.  I am not a recruiter.  I am not in HR.  I never have been, nor do I plan to be in the future.  We do our best work when we are living in the present.

Thanks to some great books, my personal cheerleading squad (MC, NE, KW, AC) and the internet marketing class I’ve been taking, I know that this blog is ready to evolve into its next chapter of life.

Nicole Emerick

Nicole Emerick founded Ms. Career Girl in 2008 to help other ambitious young professional women thrive in a career they love. Ironically, growing MsCareerGirl helped Nicole transition her own career from commercial banker to digital marketer. Today Nicole leads the social media team at a large advertising agency in Chicago. Nicole also served as an adjunct professor at DePaul University where she helped develop the careers of PR, Advertising and Communications students. Tweet with Nicole @_NicoleEmerick.