Ways To Make Your Mark On The Internet

There are now only two different groups of people: those who can remember life before the internet, and those who have grown up with it. It’s probably only older people who can really appreciate how much things have changed since the online world became so integrated with offline living. For “Millennials” who know that a search engine has all the answers and that pretty much anything you want to get done can be sorted out online, the internet is an inherent way of life. Because it lies at the heart of so much daily activity, the online world also offers fantastic opportunities to really make your mark. Whatever you want to do, no matter what type of career, occupation, or job, getting yourself noticed on the internet can make all the difference.

Small drop, big ocean


The drawback to the fact that the internet is open to everyone is that there is plenty of competition out there, so you really need to do something special to stand out from the crowd. Because the internet has become such a great creative platform, fortunately there are plenty of the methods to do this and avoid disappearing as a small drop in the big online ocean. Some things that you must have right from the start are a clear idea of what you want to achieve, a plan of how to do it, and the dedication needed to see it through.

Choose your platform

Of course, “the internet” covers such a wide range of things that you need to narrow down your areas of expertise. Different platforms have evolved that each need a separate approach and have different appeals for different people. For instance, the immediacy of social media means that you can contact and interact with people in real time online, no matter where they are in the physical world. It can be a great leveler that also gives you an almost unlimited audience if you know how to use it properly.

The trouble is, there are plenty of major corporations thinking exactly the same thing, and they have teams of people and large marketing budgets to achieve their aims. If you have the time and energy to spend much of your time online replying to people and reaching out to others, social media can be a way to get noticed, but it can also be a draining and ultimately unrewarding experience.

Creating your own blog


Having your own blog means that things are totally within your control. It’s a platform that has become so popular for this reason and many others. By creating a blog, you put your own stamp on it right from the start, choosing how it looks, what colors it uses, the font the words are written in, how images are portrayed, and much more. This means that it can be a real reflection of your own personality and be much more of a true showcase for your individuality than a social media account can ever be.

Writing about your personal experiences and opinions can bring a unique twist to a familiar theme, no matter what your chosen area might be. If you are an aspiring actor, writer, musician, artist, or any other creative, you can not only showcase your talents and work but also present yourself as an individual who stands out from the crowd. Of course, your aim might actually lie in the blog itself, following in the footsteps of many successful ventures that started from nothing and went on to become a well-known destination for entertainment and information. This is all about becoming a brand, and the highly successful blog named after bae is a great example of this, because right away, many people will want to know, what does bae mean? This initial hook pulls traffic into the site, and then the content takes over. It’s a great lesson for any aspiring blogger to learn.

Opening doors

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Whether you want to promote yourself, your company, or simply your blog, making your mark on the internet can open many doors elsewhere. Book publishers, magazine editors, and entertainment agencies of all kinds now look towards blogs as a way of finding new and exciting talent to feature further afield. Having a successful blog means that advertisers will want to be aligned with your own brand and reach your followers, fans, and readers. This can prove highly lucrative as higher proportions of advertising budgets move online and new ways of connecting with customers are sought out by even the biggest international corporations.

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