Weigh Less, Live More

By, Michele Pfenninghaus

You’ve probably tried a few diets, right? Or maybe more than a few? Most weight loss techniques have merit but they never seem to really work. (Oh, maybe they work in the short term – we lose and gain back the same 10 pounds over and over again.)This is nonsense. How much money have you wasted on diet gimmicks? It’s all marketing, really. The industry is booming – they make money on our desire for instant gratification.

Diets are simply not sustainable over time. Calorie counting, cabbage soup or diet shakes can only last so long.

Are you able to create a healthy life and relationship with food by adhering to strict guidelines set forth in a book by an author you’ve never met? Maybe. But generally, dieting is a rollercoaster in our life. We use diets to punish or discipline ourselves. We fail. And then we do it again.

Save the drama for daytime TV! It’s about time for us to stop dieting, learn to love ourselves, appreciate our bodies and get back in balance.

I’d like to share with you how weight loss can happen naturally – by eating MORE, not LESS. It’s about nourishing yourself with lots of real food and a fulfilling lifestyle. It’s about getting off the rollercoaster of dieting and into a new way of relating to what we eat. Our bodies are not machines and our food is not fuel. We are living, breathing, loving beings who deserve a long and happy life.

That’s something to celebrate, isn’t it? As a holistic health coach, I have seen people make drastic changes in their quality of life simply by getting support and listening to their bodies.

Whether you want to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds, I’m offering this valuable teleseminar to help you get started.

Please join me on August 26th at 8pm ET to learn how you can find balance and allow your body to lose weight naturally. Eat more, weigh less, and live more than you ever imagined possible!

Weigh Less, Live More
August 26, 2009
Time: 8pm ET
Teleconference information will be emailed to participants.

Sign up by August 19th for an early bird price of just $10. After that, the price goes up to $15.

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All participants will receive a free mp3 recording of the call. Why? Because I want you to share the love. I want you to spread the joy. And I want you to be able to re-listen anytime your heart desires.

AND after the seminar we will be kicking off a new group coaching class. This will be a phone-based, affordable way to have support from a certified holistic health coach and a group of peers. What better way to finally make the changes you’ve wanted for yourself? Call in on August 26th to hear about this exciting new way to get support to reach your goals.

Questions? Please email me at michelle@findyourbalancehealth.com. I look forward to speaking with you on August 26th!

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