What Makes a Good Business Person?

Running a business, whether it’s an entrepreneurial effort or an established business, takes certain skills.

According to Sukanto Tanoto, business owners should be able to face and overcome any challenges, make the business grow and always be looking for more opportunities.

Some Qualities a Good Business Person May Need

Business is a big subject and includes hundreds of industries with different levels of business managers. To be a top business leader, there are some qualities that can’t be ignored.

• Leadership is much more than being the boss. A good leader can command a room and everyone in there wants to know what he or she is saying. They can inspire a team of associates or employees to want to perform at their best.

• Courage means a leader is not afraid to take risks. They should always maintain the entrepreneurial spirit and be able to see opportunities to take the business to the next level and beyond.

• Competition is the heart and soul of many, if not all, businesses, and a good business person wants to win. They need to stay in the forefront of their industry and do better than their competing businesses.

• Good business people need to be smart. They should not be single-minded towards one aspect of life, but have knowledge and experience in other areas such as history, politics, economics, technology and other areas that will give them a global perspective. This is the basis of creativity and gives them confidence when they do need to take risks.

• A good leader and a good employee will always be willing to take the initiative in any endeavor. They understand what it means to take responsibility for their actions and are willing to step up when required. They embrace failure and make sure it never happens again.

• It may sound like a cliché, but is true none the less. A good business person must have good communication skills for the highest efficiency. They need to be able to get their points and ideas across to others in a clear and uncomplicated fashion. This means they must communicate effectively when speaking and in writing.

• Ambition is essential in a good business person. They must have goals and actively work towards them with whatever it takes, within legal limits. There goal setting is realistic and aligned to their strengths.

• Good business people are reliable whether they are the CEO or in the mail room. They can be counted on for whatever task they undertake.

• Professional and personal integrity are essential for a person to be a successful business person. He or she is always fair, respectable, responsible and ethical in all of their transactions. They are life-long learners who are constantly learning new things and have new experiences. They’re not afraid to fail. This is also the foundation for great managerial traits.

• Along with good communication skills, a likeable personality could overcome some other areas that are lacking. Employees, colleagues and superiors all appreciate a person who is a pleasure to do business with and who they respect. They attract employees, customers and friends with whom they are happy to work. Whether in an office meeting or an office party, you have to carry yourself well and be able to strike a conversation and let your personality shine through. A book I recommend to read, if you need help, is [amazon template=product&asin=B006YTTVHO] .

If you believe that you have all or most of these qualities, you can feel confident to charge ahead with your business objectives and be reasonably confident that you will be a success.

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