What your Social Media Pages Say About You

Going on a date? I’m sure you’ve looked up your date. One thing you have to remember though, is he is probably is on his laptop looking you up too. Now that a lot of relationships start online, it makes sense to look a potential date up on the internet. The first thing you’ll find for most people are their social media pages. What we get up to on the internet says a lot about us; from the pictures we post to the innocent little statuses we think no one sees.


Too Many App Manipulated Selfies

I won’t even talk like I’m one to steer away from selfies, but ladies, calm down with the cosmetic apps! If you upload pictures with no eye bags, higher cheekbones, wider smile, gleaming facial skin, and  larger eyeballs (this one I really don’t understand) and then you pile on 5 different filters, your date will either refuse to acknowledge you or think that you are a complete fraud. Keep it natural, if not occasional.


Lots of Intimate Pictures of You with the Opposite Sex

These might be harmless photos of you with your friends but to a potential date it could look like you’re a real player. It’s fine to have your Facebook full of photos of you and your friends but perhaps intersperse those photos with family shots, quiet nights in and holiday snaps.


A Private Profile

If your social profiles are private then it could look like you’ve got something to hide. A private profile can be good for all sorts of reasons; to stop your boss seeing what you’re up to, to hide from possessive ex-partners or perhaps to create an air of mystery.

This can be frustrating for a potential date who has looked you up but it can also tell them that perhaps there’s more to you than they already know. Are you a party animal? Into something really odd? Or are you dating more than one person? Control what you want to divulge and what you want him to dig up. What’s the fun in having nothing to talk about?


Associating with Unsavoury Types

Your social profiles might look lovely but what about your friends? Who you associate with can build a real picture of the kind of person you are. Keep an eye on what other people post on your timeline on Facebook. An in joke between you and a mate could look really bad to a potential date. (Pranks can go very wrong, too.) So make sure you control what goes on your wall!


Too Many Pictures of Pets

A lot of posts, pictures and links relating to cats – your cats in particular – can be a real turn off. If you simply like cats, that’s fine and you may bond with your date even more if they love cats too. However, if your whole life seems to revolve around your pets then it could say to your date that you don’t have much of a life.


Photos of You and Your Ex

There’s no need to get rid of these photos if you don’t want to. Exes are a part of our history, there’s no point erasing them. However, if these photos are all over your social media, taken in a fairly recent timeframe, and perhaps even your profile picture, it won’t be too curious if your date assumes that you’re still hung up on your ex.


Needy, Whining Status Updates

If you’re always talking about your bad day, the people you hate and other ‘woe-is-me’ situations then you could come across as needy and high maintenance, which is never, NEVER, sexy. There’s self-worth and self-important. The world does not have to cater to you. If you’re having a bad day, think twice before you type.


Self-righteous theological or political arguments

The internet is no place for these as you can never get across what you really mean in the written word. There’s nothing wrong with a strong opinion, or encouraging an exchange, but your words can be twisted online. This could tell your potential date that you’re unnecessarily argumentative and may force your views on them. If you are to post an opinion on anything, do so with respect for others opinions, not in a matter of factly, “I’m right, you’re wrong” manner. Save the debate for the right occasion and avenue.


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