Where Will U Go Next- The Family Move

This week has been extra challenging  for this mom of 5… we moved!  While that might not sound like the end of the world, it was quite the expierence.  I consider myself a very calm person, that can withstand the pressure of stressful situations (ummm, hello I am a wedding planner).  But this week I was falling to pieces, I felt as though my patience was dwinddleing away and everywhere I turned I was going to have a nervous breakdown. 

I remember sitting in my van looking at our U-Haul truck as my (wonderful & handsome) husband went in to take care of all the paperwork.  All of my childhood memories  flooded me.  All the moves, all the schools, all the new houses, and then suddenly the lightbulb went on.

YOUR MOVING, duhhh of course you are stressed out.  Your whole life is changing, all the daily routines that you have been comfortable with, day in and day out will be different.  And naturally there are emotions that come with these life altering moments.  Why do I feel a trememdous attachment to a house that is too small for our huge family?  Because it has memories of my babies, of my family, of us doing life together.  And I am leaving that house to create new memories in a new house.  While the move was the right move for our family it was taxing on our comfort zones and I was definitely feeling it.

I think the hardest part was having to reassure our children, who didn’t want to leave all their friends behind, that it will all be ok.  Then, as I was starring at that U-Haul truck I read the words, “Where Will U Go Next”, and it reminded me that this is a life change,  much like a marriage, much like the weddings that I help plan.

Brides feel so much pressure from the “big day” but there is so much more really going on under the surface.  Like me, they feel like,  I am totally changing all my daily routines, I have to share my life with someone else, and although it is exciting, it is different.  And the pressure is sometimes too much for brides… Que in bridezillas.  I ALWAYS tell my brides that they are NO different than any other bride,  any woman in this much pressure  would feel the same way, there is no such thing as a bridezilla, it’s a woman dealing with a lot of stress!

This is where I find myself helping my brides on the emotional front of their weddings.   Supporting them, coaching them and counseling them through one of the biggest moves of their life.  While I don’t feel qualified to take on such a humongous task, it is an honor to watch these woman get through it and transform from an engaged bride to a Mrs.  I take all of my brides friendships and our journey together with me in all that I do, and am so thankful that I can be there for them.

So, when you are looking at your next U-Haul truck whether you are graduating from college or moving a family of seven, know that there is a wonderful new stage of life waiting for you where you’re going next!

Jenee Allan

Jenée Allan is a wedding Stylist & planner for Chicago’s busy brides at Visions Wedding Boutique. Jenee knows know first-hand what life can look like planning a wedding while managing a career. She is also a mother of five and a wife/ Every other Friday, enjoy tips, trends, and to-do’s for the busy Career driven Bride and a little here and there about home life.