Who is Compass Real Estate?

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If you’re already working in, or hoping to work in real estate, you may have heard about Compass. Like any large and successful business, they have a variety of reviews and feedback that you can explore online, reviews that could prove useful if you’re wondering whether they could help your career in real estate flourish. In this post, we’ll explore Compass Real Estate in more detail, helping you make an informed career decision. Read on to learn more. 

Online Reviews Are Insightful

When trying to answer the question, is Compass a legit company? It makes sense to explore online reviews, such as those on sites like Indeed. These detailed and diverse reviews will provide you with a helpful insight into the company, how it operates and highlights specific features of the business through the eyes of those who have worked with them in the past, and those who are still working with them today. 

As with any business, opinions range from glittering 5-star reviews to practical feedback on how certain processes could be improved. Interestingly, this kind of feedback is valuable to both Compass and budding real estate agents, as it adds genuinity to the positive reviews, highlighting the credibility and authenticity of Compass Real Estate. 

A career in real estate requires hard work and dedication. So if you’re considering this career move, it makes sense to explore online reviews of those you’re thinking about working with as well as conducting your own research to help you make the right choice. Don’t be hoodwinked by those who showcase nothing but stellar company reviews, you won’t be seeing the full picture and could find yourself working with the wrong company.    

Working for Compass Means Self-Employment

Working for compass means being a self-employed real estate agent. Therefore, your salary will be reflected by how many clients you work with and your results. For some, this may not be enough. But if you live somewhere there is a high demand for real estate agents, have exceptional people skills, and are great at sales and problem solving, your earning potential is only limited by the amount of work you’re willing to take on.

The average salary quoted on Indeed for real estate agents working for Compass is $97,448 per year!

Compass Only Works With The Best

Compass is fully licensed to work in real estate. Their self-employed agents have worked with home buyers and sellers in many states across America. This has included handling every step of the process, such as marketing, arranging viewings, and negotiating prices. Their reputation is partially dependent on their agents, which is why they are so selective in their recruitment process.

How they treat their agents, and value workplace happiness is important to them as a growing company. And to you as a budding real estate agent. 

Do you want to work with an established real estate company to kick start your career within this rewarding and fast-paced industry? Then it’s worth considering Compass!