Why Vaping Will Destroy Smoking In The Long Run

I’m sure that by now you’ve heard the term “vaping.” It’s been in and out of the news like nothing else. One minute it’s our saviour from the evils of Big Tobacco. The next minute the New York Times is writing columns dedicated to pointing out how bad it is. Then British public health officials come out with compelling evidence that it’s practically harmless.


Then you follow the numbers. When vaping was considered healthy, people made the switch from smoking tobacco to vaping. More people started vaping, and fewer people started smoking. It seemed as if we finally had a product that could go head-to-head with cigarettes and win. But then the backlash began by the anti-smoking lobby. They started convincing people that there was practically no health benefit from vaping. It was just as bad as smoking, they said. And as a result, people thought to themselves, why bother giving up cigarettes if the alternative is just as damaging? The numbers of people vaping leveled off and fewer people quit regular smoking.

Now that British scientists have come out in support of vaping, the tables have turned once again. The kneejerk reaction of zealous public health officials seems to have backfired. Vaping only has about 5 percent of the risk of smoking which means that it is 20 times as preferable. Bottom line: if you’re going to fill your lungs with gasses, make it the gas from an e-cigarette.

It’s unfortunate that the medical establishment doesn’t understand this tradeoff. They don’t seem to get the fact that life is full of risks, and that sometimes it’s worth trading a high risk for a low risk. In fact, this is what is going to drive people away from cigarettes and towards vaping in the long run.

Right now there might be a worry that e-cigarettes aren’t safe, but in the future, that’s going to change as more science pours in. Yes, there aren’t any long-term studies right now on the risks of vaping over extended periods. But that’s because vaping is relatively new – obviously.

But even if those studies come out and reveal that vaping is just as bad as smoking, which seems unlikely, vaping will still destroy tobacco use. Here’s why.

Quitting Makes You Beautiful

By and large, people are concerned with what they look like. We all want to look better, and we’re all looking for ways to make it happen. Well, what’s one of the best ways to improve you appearance? Giving up regular tobacco.


What tobacco does to your looks is just nasty. It ruins the appearance of your skin, aging it prematurely and making it look sallow. It also famously yellows your teeth, which is a big faux-pas in a world of people looking to imitate Joey Essex. Then, of course, there are all the other ancillary issues which will be discussed later. Suffice to say; smoking makes you look bad.

What’s the worst that can happen with vaping? Well, perhaps there are some chemicals in there that maybe, under certain conditions, could produce disease. But vaping is water-based. The worst thing it contains for your skin might be a bit of vegetable oil.

There’s Choice

Ask any long term smoker about their experience of smoking and they’ll usually report the same old things. It helps them relax. It’s a habit and so on. None of these reasons ever mention the delicious flavour of what they’re puffing. Why? Because tobacco isn’t exactly moreish. It’s about as appealing a flavour as green tea. The only reason it’s been such a success is that the tobacco industry pumped it full of addictive chemicals. A good move for business, a bad move for your taste buds.                                      But here’s where vaping is different. You can get practically any flavour that you want. And you can browse the web trying to find the best e-liquid brand. Different brands have different flavours and styles, just like different chocolates or coffee shops. And this opens up a whole new world of consumer interest. For the first time, what you smoke (or vape) will become a culinary interest. It’s an innovation that could take off like fine dining or wine tasting. And as we know, that will generate blogs, which will create culture, which will change the way we think about smoking completely.

It’s Less Expensive

Unless you get your cigarettes imported by submarine, you’ll have noticed how expensive they are. Governments love to tax cigarettes. They say it’s about reducing the quantity demanded. But it’s also a significant revenue stream for them to plough into whatever project they cook up next.

This takes its toll on your bank balance and mean that you end up paying a far higher rate of tax than nonsmokers. Vaping, right now, is not subject to additional taxes. And although the politicians will no doubt clamp down on it in the future, at least it has a head start.



What’s more, the actual product is actually cheaper to use. Most refills will last about a week, sometimes longer. And that compares favourably to what you’d expect to pay for an equivalent number of traditional cigarettes.

The price element here should not be underestimated. Given that the median wage in the US has remained relatively flat for the last thirty years, cheap vaping is almost a must. People have to be able to afford and incorporate new products into their lives based on their existing budgets. New technology is great, but it also needs to be affordable. Right now, thanks to the tax environment, vaping is affordable, smoking is not.

You Won’t Smell Bad

One of the great things about vaping is that it doesn’t leave a strong, bad smell on your breath or your clothes. What’s more, many people that don’t smoke actually report that they like the smell of e-cigarettes. That’s not surprising when you consider the flavours.                                                                              


But what’s more interesting than that is that non-smokers don’t seem to care about dating vapers. They don’t smell like an ashtray, so what’s the downside?

Vaping Is The Ultimate Anti-Smoking Technology

Over the years, the public health establishment has spent billions on anti-smoking campaigns. And it would be hard to deny that these have had some effect. But, not being innovators, they didn’t have the ingenuity to come up with actual solutions. Their method, as always, was greater education, which never seems to deliver on its promises.

Then, about ten years ago, a lone entrepreneur came up with the idea of developing a safe cigarette. It looked like a contradiction in terms. But soon we had something that was relatively safe and was just like a cigarette.

And that’s the decisive point. Vaping is about as close to smoking as you can get without actually smoking. Unlike patches or gums, it mimics the act of smoking almost perfectly.

Because it’s so close to the original, it a true substitute. It can do exactly what cigarettes do, but with a host of benefits. And this is why, ultimately, it will destroy smoking. Vaping has all of the advantages of smoking, and then some. You get the range of flavours. You get the lower costs. You get the enhanced health and sex appeal.

Ever since the 1960s, the rate of smoking has been in decline. Over recent years, it looked like it was going to plateau. But thanks to the act of entrepreneurs, not satisfied with the status quo, we’ve finally got something that can help us rid the world of cigarettes for good.