Why You Should Go For Oil-free Moisturizers

The skin is always the number one asset that women treasure because it goes a long way in defining them. If a woman has a problem with her skin, everything about her becomes affected, and in the same way, when something is affecting her emotions, it comes out in her skin. One of the things that I find very challenging is finding the best moisturizer for my skin. Again, as you know, we need to change the moisturizers depending on the weather, i.e., when it is scorching, we need to retain more moisture.

I have good news for you; there are some moisturizers that I would call “universal” because they cater to almost all types of skins. These are products that are not oil-based but will give you the look that you desire. I am not implying that oil-based moisturizers are bad. Not at all. My point is that if you can find a single moisturizer that you can use for different types of skins, in various seasons, why not invest in it?

Oil-free moisturizers such as the ones from Dermalogica are manufactured in a manner that they omit the oil but still have the same effect as oil-based moisturizers. In short, you will be dealing with a moisturizer without the disadvantages of the oil. The ingredients used in these types of products create a barrier that seals in the moisture without the heavy, greasy feeling that comes with the oily products. Therefore, they are best suited for people with normal or oily skins.

Here is a wonder fact that I learned about some oil-free moisturizers. Instead of sealing in the moisture from your skin pores, they get the moisture from the atmosphere and use it to cover your skin! This is because they contain ingredients known as humectants. These are known to retain moisture while maintaining optimum conditions for your skin. If this does not impress you, then I don’t know what will.

Let me talk about the relationship between acne and oil-free moisturizers. One trigger of acne is blocked skin pores that fill up with germs and result in the condition. Oil, as you know, clogs the pores. However, once you switch to the moisturizing products without oil, your pores remain clear. Therefore, you might have found a partial solution to some of the triggers of acne. In fact, more than half of acne problems are solved by dumping oily products.

Finally, these amazing skincare products will go a long way in improving your hygiene and overall appearance. How? First, you might have realized that products with oil make you sweat a lot and you have to keep wiping the grease off your skin. That, to some extent, is a burden. I prefer using a product that does not require frequent wiping or reapplying. Regarding appearance, you do away with the shiny face that makes you look aluminum foil. Need I say more?

I will always advise ladies to keep aloof with emerging product innovations. Just because you think one product works for you does not mean you should not try new ones. All in all, I bet you on this one: your moisturizer problems will be over for good.


Ms. Career Girl

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