Why You Should Outsource Your Back Office and Customer Service

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Back office operations can be considered the backbone of a company, and just as important as direct customer service. Traditionally, the front office of a business are the employees who are in direct contact with the consumer. This staff was considered the one that directly generates revenues for the company. The back office is composed of areas that don’t directly generate revenue for the business, but provide vital  support and administration. Without such support, a business wouldn’t be able to run, so their role is no less important than front office staff. In fact, the front office depends on the work done by their back office colleagues.

As businesses grow, they tend to depend more on modern methods of working to upgrade their efficiency and accordingly increase their profits. We can see more businesses depending on outsourcing their back office and customer service staff. Companies wouldn’t do that unless there are valid reasons to do so, which we’ll tell you about now.

Cut costs:

The main reason for any business to decide to outsource is to cut costs. In some cases, costs can be cut by over 60%. While this is attractive to any business owner, outsourcing today is more than just about cutting costs but is an entire strategy.

Free employees for other core business matters:

Some functions are difficult because they are tedious, such as data entry, though vitally important. Other tasks are mundane. It’s often, not always recommended that tedious jobs be done in-house. For example, when you outsource your insurance staff you will reap many benefits including, but not limited to: reducing delays and errors in the workflow, streamline workflow, and be provided with full risk control by an expert team. Doing so, allows you to use staff members for core business actions that have a direct impact on day to day operations.


Reaching across the globe to expand your business has never been easier than today with modern technology. Offshore or external outsourcing allows you to tap into new markets and be in touch and communicate with the end-user.

Multi-media response:

Most companies use more than one platform to reach target audiences. Companies today require a customer contact system able to handle phone calls, messages, inquiries, mostly done via electronic communication. Customers expect a high level of communication. When communication is mainly virtual, there is no reason to have a customer service in-house desk because you need a specialized team dedicated to customers 24/7 online.

Increase efficiency:

A do-it-all-alone company has much higher research, development, marketing, and distribution expenses. At the end, these expenses are passed on to the customer. An outside provider’s cost structure can give your business a crucial competitive edge.

Start new projects quickly:

An experienced outsourcing firm already has the talent available, so you don’t have to go hunting around for the right people, delaying a new project. You can reduce the amount of time and effort, not to mention possible training of new people, with already available talents in outsourcing companies.

Focus on your business by outsourcing customer service and back office

Time is a limited resource. So is the attention needed to focus on every single, individual task. We started by saying the driving force to outsource your back office and customer service is to cut costs.   It certainly is but it’s not the only reason nor even necessarily the best reason.  It just make good business sense.

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