Customer Service or No Customers.

I’ve been doing research on different cars lately as I’m passively considering embarking on my first adult car purchase.  After many searches, I finally found an almost new Nissan Murano with low mileage and a low price- a rare combination for the Murano. 


I was so excited about the possibility that this bargain was legit.  Plus I had been staring at the cute pictures and it was distracting me from work, so I inquired online and got a call back from the dealership within 5 or 10 minutes.  Disclaimer: the dealership listing the vehicle was NOT a Nissan dealership.


My return call was from a woman we will call Jasmine.  She quickly asked when I would be in to see the car.  I said, “Not today.  I was hoping to get some more information before I came in since your dealership isn’t super close to where I live.” 


Here is how the conversation continued:


Nicole: I’ve never bought a Nissan before.  What is the warranty like on this car?  How many miles and what is included?

Jasmine:  Uhhh…well… I don’t know.

Nicole: Would I have to get my car serviced at Nissan dealers only?

Jasmine: Well, you see I don’t really know that.  I mean probably here but maybe not.

Nicole: Ok.  Are there any deals on financing right now?  I heard a lot of places are offering 0% financing on new cars right now.

Jasmine: Oh I don’t know about that.  You will find out about that when you buy the car and talk to the finance department.

Nicole: Ok, well that’s pretty important to know before I can consider buying the car.  Hmmm.  Well, how about trade-ins?  I have a car I would consider trading in, can I get some basic info on this process.

Jasmine: (Long Pause)

Nicole:  You know maybe I should speak to someone else who may have more information for me?


You get the idea.  This experience made me crabby and disappointed.  I’m one of those people that like ALL the information and I’m a sucker for great customer service.  From there I make my decision quickly.  Before this terrible customer service experience, I was envisioning myself driving the car off the lot within the next few days.  Now, I’m making SURE I do not use this dealership for my first car purchase.


Times are tight, which means that no one can afford to miss out on a new customer. 


For Business Owners and Managers: 

  • Are you training your employees and making sure they understand your customer service standards? 
  • Do your employees answer the phone with a positive sounding voice or do they sound like they are ready to get in an argument with your prospect or client?
  • Have you created a short training packet or cheat sheet that your employees can use for tough or unusual questions?
  • Have you communicated to your employees how important every single client is for the success of their job and your business?


For Any Employee Who Deals with Other People:

  • Please don’t sound like you hate your life when you answer the phone.
  • If you don’t know something, it’s ok with me.  Please be honest.  Don’t ramble on or make up answers.  Just let me know that you will follow up with me when you find out, or transfer my call to someone who can help me.
  • Please call me back when you say you will.
  • Make sure I have your contact information.  If I don’t know your name and phone number, how can we continue the transaction?
  • Ask me questions about why I’m calling then listen to what I say instead of just hard selling me with no knowledge of my full situation.

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