Why You Shouldn’t Give Up Your Job Search Over the Holiday Season

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Everyone’s going to be getting in the holiday spirit and looking forward to the festivities. But if you’re currently unemployed, you may be feeling a little left out of it all.

Christmas can be a stressful time for anyone, but when unemployed, you may be worried about where you’re going to find the cash for presents and social events.

With getting caught up in the craziness of Christmas, it can be very easy to simply neglect your job search. But now’s the time to fight the temptations of kicking back and relaxing over the festive period and getting your career on track.

There are several reasons why you shouldn’t give up your job search over the holiday season:

Companies advertise roles for New Year start dates

Some companies deliberately choose to advertise their jobs over the Christmas period to give them time for applications to come through. However, there is typically far less competition as most people choose not to pursue the job hunt while festive celebrations are underway.

Keep a close eye on job boards every single day and you may be surprised at the number of roles that come available in a short space of time. If it’s right for you, don’t hesitate to apply.

Come January, you’ll be competing with a flood of talented people who are back on the search – so get ahead of the competition. 

You’ll discover many temporary work opportunities 

If you’re hunting for a temporary position while you’re pursuing your studies or have other commitments, there will be plenty of opportunities available over Christmas – especially in the retail sector. 

Keep your eyes peeled for part-time roles that could provide you with some extra income over Christmas.

Companies are using up their hiring budgets

Interestingly, many businesses have a strict budget that runs out at the end of the year; therefore, they will be keen to hire in December before this term runs out. As a result, more jobs than usual are likely to crop up around the festive period ready to start in the New Year, so keep checking job boards for any new roles that crop up. 

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Attend networking events

Over the festive period, you may discover that there are many social and networking occurring in your local area. Why not sign up and see what opportunities come your way? 

Consider getting a business card created with your contact details and handing them out to individuals you connect with and believe may be a good lead. It would also be worth preparing a personal pitch should they wish to find out more about your background, experiences, skills, and ultimately, what you’re looking for in a job. 

Prepare for the new year

Now, it’s time to do the job hunt for personal reasons. 

If you have been applying for jobs over the past few months with no real focus, you’re not going to get very far. Apply for jobs over Christmas with the intention that you’re going to start a new chapter in January. One that is positive and fruitful – and that could be beginning a new career. 

By securing a job in January, you’ll gain financial freedom after an expensive Christmas and benefit from personal and professional gains in the months ahead.

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