Four Ways to Find Your Perfect Job

ways to find your perfect job navigating Indeed and Rat Race Rebellion

You have a dream job in mind. It’s perfectly suited to meet your needs and showcase your talents. The problem is, you’re not sure how to make it a reality without starting your own business—and you’re not ready to live the entrepreneurial life.

Though it might feel daunting to face the prospect of job hunting, you can take a few steps to make the process more streamlined and successful. The following suggestions can get you closer to an offer that you won’t want to refuse.

Work with a professional recruiter.

If you’re in an occupation with fierce competition or you have an outstanding resume, consider partnering with a recruiter. For instance, let’s say you’re a fantastic seller with the metrics to prove your worth. Touching base with sales headhunters can make a lot of sense.

A recruiter’s goal is to bring you opportunities you might otherwise not know about. Since companies pay recruiters, you get their services for free. As long as your skills align with what a headhunter is looking for, you can take some of the work out seeking a great employer.

Freshen up your LinkedIn profile.

According to LinkedIn’s statistics, six people get hired each minute on the site. However, you won’t get noticed (and you can’t get hired) if your profile isn’t visible, appealing, and up-to-date. It makes sense to go over all the pieces of your LinkedIn page to showcase your professional assets. Ideally, someone who looks you up on LinkedIn should have a good understanding of your qualifications and even your personality.

Many employers head straight to LinkedIn after receiving your resume from you or from a recruiter. Make sure they’re impressed with what they see. Be honest, of course, but don’t be afraid to “humble brag.” Be sure to use LinkedIn’s job search feature to check regularly for openings that might interest you.

Tell people you’re looking for employment.

It’s amazing how many people keep their job searches to themselves. Instead of staying quiet, talk to your friends, family members, mentors, and others you can trust. Tell them to keep you in mind if they hear about any companies that might be looking for someone with your abilities, educational background, and experience.

Making use of your personal network serves two major purposes. First, you’ll be more likely to find out about positions before other candidates have time to apply. Secondly, your acquaintances are apt to give you a nice plug. This gives you an instant “in” with a potential hiring manager, which isn’t a bad way to start your job search journey.

effective networking. And why it's important.

Become a regular on job boards.

You never know what you’ll find on a virtual job board. Therefore, set up searches on places like Glassdoor and Indeed. Be sure to use keywords that are relevant for the job you’d like to snag. Avoid too much industry jargon since a lot of job descriptions use basic language.

Don’t be afraid to check out company-specific job boards, too. For instance, if you know a particular company hires people for jobs like the one you want, visit its corporate careers page frequently. Or, send the human resources manager an email expressing interest. You never know if it could lead to an unexpected chance to interview.

Life is too short to feel like you’re spinning your wheels at your current position. A better role may be just a few weeks away. You won’t know unless you take a chance.

This guest post was authored by Jenny Battershell

Jenny Battershell is the director of marketing at Goodwin Recruiting, a full-service recruiting firm. Battershell spent nine years as Goodwin’s director of sales and four more as the marketing and client relations manager before moving into her current role. She currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio.


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