Do You Wish Your Hair Was Longer?

Right or wrong, looks can mean everything in the world we live in today. This couldn’t be more true for teenage girls and young women, living in a society that produces the final say when it comes to what is popular and attractive. Clothes, size, makeup, and even hair have become a few of the characteristics that women are now judged for.

Growing up, my mother had a beauty salon in a small town we lived in. As a teenage boy, this had plenty of perks. I was given the opportunity to sit in my mom’s salon every day and look at some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen come through the door and freshen up their look. For the most part, I was most attracted to teenage girls my age. However, every now and then, a women a few years older would come in who would make we wish I was already a man.  

Bella was one of these women. I will never forget the first time I met her. She was sitting in the waiting area, just like all of the other clients that would come to the salon. The wait would be spent reading one of the many magazines my mom provided. Home and Garden, Women’s Fashion, and Country Cooking were just a few of the options that were available.

Women and baseball

Bella was different though. Not only was she absolutely gorgeous, she also brought in her own copy of the latest issue of Sports Illustrated. I immediately saw an opportunity and swooped in. Because of her beauty, she was well aware of the routine.

But, because she had been a client of my mom’s for a while, she went along with the game. The two of us spent the next ten minutes talking baseball and which pitchers had the meanest curve ball, and then my mom came to take my princess to the back of the salon.

I couldn’t help fall in love not only with her amazing looks, but also with the Chicago Cubs ball cap she wore tightly around her head. But I didn’t want my attraction to her to be too obvious, so I waited a few minutes before turning around to see her sitting in my mom’s chair to get her hair cut. I wondered how short it would be when they were finished. When my mom came to steal her away from me, her hair had been just below her shoulders.

Surprise Surprise

I turned my attention to see a surprise I would never have imagined. As she removed the Cubs hat, her hair came off with it. She had scheduled an appointment to receive hair growth products for women. Later that evening, my mom told me that she had recently gone through a treatment that caused her to lose all of her hair. They were hoping the use of the products my mom had ordered would begin the process of her natural hair growing back at a faster rate.

Bella returned to my mother’s salon about two months later. I couldn’t believe how fast her hair had begun to grow. The length of her hair wasn’t the only difference. Her smile was bigger. Her eyes were brighter. Even her laughter was louder than the last time I had talked to her about baseball.

By simply speeding up the growth of her hair, the most beautiful woman I had ever seen was turning into the most beautiful woman in the world.

Ms. Career Girl

Ms. Career Girl was started in 2008 to help ambitious young professional women figure out who they are, what they want and how to get it.

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